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Basketball Game

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KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Jinsheng Wei Electronics) is a rich sports and entertainment life of the majority of employees, give full play to their team spirit, enhance cohesion between employees and pride. November 26th Division I basketball tournament held inside the basketball court in the industrial zone. Sales by the project team VS team to compete, to respond positively to the various departments, all the athletes, referees, spectators and staff outstanding, the staff actively carry out logistical support, impartial referees, all Division I athletes really He played a friendship first, competition second spirit, race out of style, race out of level.

        After fierce competition field, sales in the former case where section 3 scores are behind, by making tactical adjustments in the last one, through the strengthening of defense, together with the final 80:76 to win the whole game.

        The basketball game is not only enrich their leisure life style, but also ignite the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of employees to join the sport, so that each employee who love sports re-ignited the passion of sport. It reflects our focus on training staff has been promoting the overall quality of the spirit of enterprise, while strengthening thoroughly implement the corporate culture, enhance the friendship among the staff, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation. Game to achieve the desired effect, by virtue of the unique charm of basketball also shows us Jinsheng Wei Electronics employees vibrant youthful.

        In the future, the company will continue in a rich cultural and sports life of employees for the purpose of promoting employee health perspective, more and better organized a variety of cultural and sports activities, filling our corporate culture, to promote vigorous rapid SSD solid state drive Jinsheng Wei development of.

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