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Outward Bound

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To build a best team to achieve win-win team, Shenzhen Jinsheng Wei Electronics in April 11 for all the staff to expand training.
         Through training, team and individual challenges in competing with the melting, growth, so that we fully recognize the "efforts by individuals, success by the team," the truth. A unit in order to have greater development, the team must give top priority to the interests, personal interests should be subordinated to the interests of the team; effective combination with the common goal of personal goals should team up to create a positive energy "effective communication, resource sharing, teamwork, trust each other, "the efficient team. It was agreed that the Outward Bound "is worth, it makes sense."
         It is reported that the training is to expand one's potential, and enhance teamwork, training managers decisions governing the implementation capacity of the integrated experiential training methods, fusion of ideology, educational, challenging, practicality as one.

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