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We have a date and Qingyuan

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Qingyuan Gu Grand Canyon Secluded in the mountains of northern Guangdong vast, walled in lofty peaks of jiazhi height of several hundred meters, deep valleys on both sides, Quanbao plunging cliff tree oblique Yi, Yi Cao was over. Features available scene "odd, hidden, smart, clever, quiet, open, panic and dangerous, all the ancient" ten words to summarize. Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei in "Clearing Gulong Gorge, teng lofty cliff," and "The surge mountains, the singing river surge. Clouds underfoot, Greenfield view special" to describe the sublime deep canyon. Directed at such a temptation, Jinsheng Wei staff in the morning of May 21 came to this passionate and charm Qingyuan trip.
We are at 9:00 in the morning from Shenzhen to Qingyuan, Qingyuan even though bus ride to be more than three hours of time can be a Huoer people are always a few activists, so we have to sing in the car did not feel there is trouble long boring. Just the car lunged fresh air will make the bumps so long our spirits lifted.
12:00 more, eating the delicious meal, we got on the bus, we go to the coveted first spot ------- Gulong Gorge Grand Canyon ........
        The most exciting experience was undoubtedly Gulong Gap "Dragon back" river, 180-degree angle, similar to the Brahmaputra atmosphere forceful U-turn, climbed thousands of feet on both sides of the wall, forming a man guards the pass, Wan Fu Mo open trend. Roller coaster speed taxiing kayak like waves on the spinner between the peaks and valleys, and in the occasion of shock came to an end, inflatables firmly leap into a puddle of clear, calm down, it screams seemed still in his ears .
Rafting water from the Cologne-hole Canyon, but also because Gulong Gulong Gorge cave, named after the cliff in front of a hole in the shape of a rock mottled vicissitudes of a leader, and tenacious grown on the precipice of a wanton display pines Emotion branches resembles asparagus, dragon mouth natural Gulong hole is a hole, a clear spring gushing out, all year round without a break. Due to the distribution of multi-hole sand shale, multi-strand exchange springs gushing, gurgling sound of water, since ancient times there, "Gu Ming-chuen," the story. Although the village had running water, but some villagers still trouble the mountain to fetch water for tea bathing water quality cologne spring still seems unusual.
        The next morning we went to the natural formation of karst caves - Rooster Rock, feel the magic of nature's power.
 Then we went to Qingyuan mother river - the North River, the breeze blowing, we can not help but sigh enjoy Little Three Gorges known - Beijiang beauty. Last night under heavy rain, the river like a rolling green ribbon wound in the mountains, with the cool breeze dancing. Both sides of Oyama even more charm.
        Set foot on the return journey, Qingyuan with intermittent rain accompanied us to leave, on return of the bus, everyone to get enough passion vent in the car's microphone, the whole carriage full of laughter, the event reluctantly in midnight.
        The successful conclusion of this event, so many new colleagues from different places Jinsheng Wei felt like one big happy family, full of human warmth and solidarity that these bits and pieces of many warm Jinsheng Wei Let every employee's heart are associated together, we are moving in the same direction to grow together, progress together.

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