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Evaluation of 120GB high speed Series SSD of KingSpec

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mSATA SSD is only be used on special industrial device, but as the development of laptop, more and more motherboard that with mSATA interface can be seen on the market, and the demand of mSATA SSD will increase day by day. As a famous SSD manufacturer, KingSpec issued the 1.3" 120GB mSATA SSD recently. 


high speed series SSD


As we know, mSATA is a mini version of SATA interface, the signal is transfered via miniPCI-E; And we usually mix the mini-SATA and Micro SATA interface, as a matter of fact, the mini interface is the smallest one in all interface, just 1.3", and Micro SATA is 1.8" which is bigger than it.

The 1.3" mSATA SSD of KingSpec is SPK-mSATA.2-M120, with controller SandForce SF-1222, SATA 3Gbps interface, support NCQ, TRIM , also with data encryption function, the MTBF is around 2 million hours, and we give 2 years warranty time to MLC SSD.


The size of SPK-mSATA.2-M120 120GB is 51mmx32mmx4mm, it's small and exquisite. It's for special users such as tablet, mini laptop and other divice with mSATA interface.

 msata interface

We did a test of this model SSD , and the result is as following:

Max R/W performance.

ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark is a free disk testing software, support all common Hard Dirve, RAID, USB flash, Mobil Card and so on.

 high speed SSD msata


CrystalIiskMark is simple testing software of Hard Drive, but the testing items are very comprehensive, including the performance of 512KB and 4KB file , and 4K file under 32 Queue Depth enviroment. 


Accroding to the testing of it, we can see the R/W of SPK-mSATA.2-M120 120GB are 227.1/81MB/s

Bottom Speed testing

Software: HD-Tune Pro v4.60

HD Tune is a diagnosis tool of Hard Drive, can inspect the transfer rate, proruption transfer rate, data access time, rate of utilization of CPU, health rate, temp and so on.

 speed test

 bottom speed testing

The Max R/W speed here is 219.7/204.5 MB/s, average R/W speed is 174.4/126.8MB/s.


the max testing 

The IOPS of R/W under 4KB file is 40409/16037.

Testing of  AS SSD Benchmark.

AS SSD Benchmark is a special testing program for SSD.

msata IOPS 

 msata IOPS

The testing result under AS SSD is R/W 231.12/76.29MB/s.



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