P5E SSD: Our Latest High-Efficiency And Large Capacity SSD

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Is your computer device running slower than you would like? Or do you find yourself asking the familiar question – why is my PC or laptop running slow?


You probably might have attempted the easy ways to accelerate your computer – utilizing the most recent computer optimizing software, removing excess archives, clearing out web caches, and more, but your computer is still running slow.


If you find yourself in this situation, it means it's time to seek a simple hardware upgrade that will positively affect the performance of your device.


Therefore, Kingspec is pleased to declare the strict quality, high-efficiency, and super-fast P5E SSD with capacities up to 4TB.


Properties of the speedy solid-state drive (SSD)

Below are the properties of the P5E SSD:

Capacity and details

The size of the Kingspec P5E drive selects a 2.5-inch standard specification with a thickness design of 7mm.


It supports the SATA 3.0 6Gbps rate interface and it is also well-matched with the SATA 2.0 interface, which is right and proper for the upgrade of many desktop computers and gaming laptops.


Based on capacity, P5E adopts three options – 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB.



The strict quality control guarantees of Kingspec products sure do continues with P5E SSD.


Its flash utilizes the 3D TLC high-quality flash memory particles, which possesses the features of fast writing speed, large capacity, high reliability, and high density.


The primary control chip utilizes Realtek RTS5733 DMQ with an in-built high-speed DRAM cache.



In a little while, the P5E series will be accessible in the sky-starry blue color. In the cosmic night sky, the sky is filled with stars similar to golden beads dispersed on a jasper plate, like gold, surpasses gold.



The test software used in the laboratory is AS SSD Benchmark, CrystalDiskMark, and the 4TB version of the P5E series SSD is the data displayed.



The continuous writing of P5E-4TB reaches 480MB/s, and the continuous reading reaches 535MB/s when the 1GB test file is selected in the CrystalDiskMark test. The speed flux range is small, and the unceasing reading and writing speed stays at the theoretical speed.



AS SSD Benchmark

In the AS SSD Benchmark test, P5E-4TB under the 1GB file test, 4K random read and write attained 72125iops, 67768iops, and the total score attained 953 points. In general, the 4K read and write functioning keeps up a fast speed, and the stress resistance is great.

AS SSD Benchmark AS SSD Benchmark 


In the Filebenchmark test, the transmitted data file is 100GB, and its read and writes speeds can be evenly maintained above 400+MB/s. The read and write speeds are 496MB/s and 451MB/s respectively.


All through the test, the reading and writing speed are upheld at high performance and high speed. The stability, as well as reliability, are very good.


Rounding up

In terms of capacity or performance, P5E series products are superb selections for upgrading gaming laptops and desktops.


The fusion of high-quality flash memory particles and high-performance master control solution with in-built DRAM guarantees the quality and stability of the product at a deeper level. Other benefits include permitting personal DIY installation, better performance, high-end game players, image PS and video editing users.


Buy P5E SSD series from Us

Having experienced the strain of slow performance or startup on your computer and are looking to upgrade it, the P5E SSD is the idyllic hardware upgrade for you. You can get in touch with us for the high-efficiency performance SSD made by a professional manufacturer.


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