Which Is the Best for a Computer: HDD or SSD?

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HDD known as a hard disk drive is the most common drive due to its affordable price as well as its vast available space for storing data. SSD on the other hand is known as a solid-state drive.

It can increase the effectiveness of your computer significantly, when compared, and even far better than the swift processor like random access memory (RAM) or central processing unit (CPU).

However, unknown to many, KingSPec SSD has an edge over HDD. Here are some of them in bullet points.

Ø Electricity, noise, and heat

Has the platter in a hard disk drive is been rotated, it makes noise, and generates heat because of its demands for more current. However, solid-state drives are the opposite and they consume less current.

Ø Speed

When you compare SSD and HDD in terms of speed, you will notice that SSD works like magic.  SSD has minimal operational latency, rapidly processes instruction, as well as supports the input, and output commands per second.

But hard disk drive is sluggish, its operational latency is very high, takes time to process instructions or commands. HDD has minimal support of input as well as output commands per seconds  

Ø Elements

SSD is made up of three components, these are, capacitor, controller as well as cache. These components are more or fewer memory chips that need no rotation, unlike HDD which requires rotation.

This is because it is made up of flattened circular disks overlaid with a film of magnetic substances attached to read/write heads and enclosed in a metal case.

 KingSPec SSD

Ø Mass

HDD has more weight when compared to SSD drives.  This is because SSD does not contain a motor, flattened rotating disks as well as the spindle that contribute to the heaviness of HDD.

Ø SSD vs. HDD data transfer

Data transfer in HDD is sequential and requires a significant chunk of time to execute the operation as the read-and-write head will require.

The estimated amount of time for the transfer of files can be affected by the layout as well as fragmentation of the files. Also, HDD performance limitation occurs as a result of its mechanical nature.

However, data transfer in solid state drives is not sequential, it is fast, and it does not have a read-and-write head therefore there is no delay usually caused by the motion of the head. In SSD physical data location is not relevant as such, it has a consistent read performance.

Ø Dependability

KingSpec SSD does not possess a rotating part like HDD does. Therefore, SSD dependability is high. The rotating part in HDD cumulates to its exponential mechanical failure.

HDD is vulnerable to head crash because of the swift motion of the flattened circular disks and the heads inside the casing of the drive.

Furthermore, head-crash may happen as a result of corrosion, electronic failure, physical stress, poorly manufactured heads as well as flattened circular disks, and unexpected power failure.

Also, HDD is vulnerable to data corruption or damage when is in close contact with the heavy magnet, which affects its reliability.

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In conclusion, SSD does not have a rotating part and uses microchips. So, what are you waiting for? You need to install a high-quality KingSpec SSD into your computer today! Contact us today.  


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