KingSpec Group, globally acclaimed storage brand, presents an extensive lineup of high-performance, consumer-grade storage products for customers worldwide. KingSpec storage solutions feature comprehensive interfaces, diverse capacities, and compatibility with the latest devices in different field applications.

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OneBoom, a subsidiary brand of KingSpec Group, is dedicated to providing gaming storage products for global gaming enthusiasts, which offers gaming storage products that epitomize superior aesthetics, enhanced speed, expanded capacity, and unparalleled stability. OneBoom's mission is to provide top-tier performance gaming solutions to passionate gamers.

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MemoStone is a new innovative brand under the KingSpec Group, committed to offering portable storage solutions to global users. The primary mission is to provide customers with portable storage solutions characterized by high speed, lightness, compactness, portability, and data privacy. MemoStone aims to provide the most suitable portable storage solutions for users from various professions.

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Customer Reviews

“ Arrived at my place within 17 days, it was very quicly!!! Instaled on a Lenovo S145 and runned some speed tests: the diference was great compared with other with the same capacity and brand. Because the DRAM it improved speed so! The old one got a maximum of 2700 on AS SSD Benchmark, this new got 4089!!! A real increase of speed!!!

24, July, 2022


“It's been 35 days, long. Perhaps due to the fact that all my purchases combined in one parcel and sent the lowest delivery. Packed in a simple pouper package, fortunately the box and contents did not suffer. I take the SSD of this model for the second time, the first for 1 TB works fine, and I rock torrents on it. This one checked and tested, everything matches the description, the speeds are close to the maximum for pciex 3.0. the purchase is satisfied.

6, August, 2022

“Nice screw. Approached as the second SSD to my Huawei Matebook D 16. Speed-see screenshot. Scored archives full disk, 1 TB. Tested Archive-no errors. Full capacity. Great seller. Delivery before time. Recommend. Took with a coupon for 5200r. After that, the price fell due to the course to 4700r. Then she rose again. 

14, July, 2022


“Came for 21 days, on tests as in the description, when the test does not heat much at a maximum of 41 degrees, which is very good. In the kit there is a screw. I advise the seller to pack more carefully, Russia's mail does not have to count hard. 

14, July, 2022

“Product delivered on time. Not taxed. Installed, tested and working. Recommend. 

16, May, 2022


“Arrived under twenty days, well packaged… Now is test and see if it works properly.

3, May, 2022

“The drive works fine. Thanks to the cache, the speed is noticeably higher for recording. I checked on the Chinese MP with Xion. It will work in ASUS TUF, there will most likely be other results.

8, August, 2022


“Works! The old laptop is faster now.

11, March, 2022

“Product came right, here is my recommendation! Already tested and acknowledged the 512GB. 

14, July, 2022


“Top Product arrived fast and well packed already tested and approved kingspec products are tops recommend to everyone aliExpress.

9, August, 2022


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