KingSpec Group, globally acclaimed storage brand, presents an extensive lineup of high-performance, consumer-grade storage products for customers worldwide. KingSpec storage solutions feature comprehensive interfaces, diverse capacities, and compatibility with the latest devices in different field applications.

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OneBoom, a subsidiary brand of KingSpec Group, is dedicated to providing gaming storage products for global gaming enthusiasts, which offers gaming storage products that epitomize superior aesthetics, enhanced speed, expanded capacity, and unparalleled stability. OneBoom's mission is to provide top-tier performance gaming solutions to passionate gamers.

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MemoStone is a new innovative brand under the KingSpec Group, committed to offering portable storage solutions to global users. The primary mission is to provide customers with portable storage solutions characterized by high speed, lightness, compactness, portability, and data privacy. MemoStone aims to provide the most suitable portable storage solutions for users from various professions.

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Limited Warranty Policy:

KingSpec warrants that KingSpec's products are free from defects in materials and workmanship in their original sealed packaging. KingSpec will repair or replace products and parts thereof that prove to be defective due to improper workmanship or materials, subject to the conditions and limitations set forth in this warranty agreement. Except as otherwise prohibited by applicable law, this warranty is only valid to the original purchaser of the KingSpec products and is not transferable. An original or copy of the sales receipt or invoice must be attached to confirm the date of purchase and the original purchaser.

1. This warranty agreement shall supersede all prior or concurrent written or oral agreements between you and KingSepc. KingSepc makes no other warranties or implied, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

2. All warranties, whether express or implied, are valid only for the time period specified below. Some states and jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of such implied warranties, limitations, or terms of warranty, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

3. KingSpec may confirm or read and save the data and information (hereinafter collectively referred to as "information") stored in the product during after-sales service. KingSpec hereby agrees that KingSpec will not disclose any information to any third party, but this does not include employees of KingSpec who may need access to the information, with or without your prior written consent.

Warranty Terms:

*Limited Warranty: The warranty period is a summary of the following conditions. From the date of original purchase to the expiration of the defined warranty year for the product; or until the hard drive reaches the declared DWPD or TBW value; or the end time when the product life cycle indicator reaches an outlier, which indicates that the product has undergone inappropriate use.

*KingSpec requires you to provide proof of purchase to identify the date of purchase and sign off on the RMA, if proof of purchase is not available, KingSpec will rely on the SN(programmed into the product) on the product label to define the start date of the warranty.

This limited warranty service does not apply to problems or damages caused by any of the following circumstances, and KingSpec will not be responsible or liable when:

(1)Accidental, arbitrary modification, negligence, abuse, improper use, misuse, disassembly, improper installation, abnormal environmental conditions, or use under operating conditions not approved by KingSpec (including but not limited to use of the product with an incorrect voltage supply);

(2)Wear and tear under normal use;

(3)Self-removal of labels or stickers (including all warranty or quality control stickers, product serials, or electronic numbers) on or accompanying the product;

(4)KingSpec product-related problems arising from use with non-KingSpec hardware, software, or other objects

(5)Use the KingSpec product in an environment, purpose, or operate the product in an inappropriate manner that is not in accordance with the product's design intent, or fail to follow the instructions of KingSpec's published documentation;

(6)Installed, modified, altered or repaired by anyone other than KingSpec or its authorized representative;

(7)Problems unrelated to materials or workmanship or that too minor to harm the use or operation of the product;

(8)Problems related to consumables;

(9)Products that are "not new" or "known to be defective, or faulty ". In addition, KingSpec has no responsibility or obligation to recover any data from the product;

(10)Chip damage due to violent physical testing, extreme performance or longevity testing.


Warranty period KingSpec product series Warranty details
3-year warranty P3-XXX The warranty period is 3 years from the original date of purchase, or until the product reaches the declared TBW value:
P4-XXX 120/128 GB: 75 TB
NX-XXX2280,NE-XXX2242,NE-XXX2280 240/256 GB: 150 TB
XF-XXX2280 480/512 GB: 300 TB
NT-XXX2280 960 GB/1 TB: 600 TB
NT-XXX2242 1920 GB/2 TB: 1200 TB
MT-XXX 3840 GB/4 TB: 2400 TB

DDR memory

Warranty period

KingSpec product series

Warranty details

3-year warranty



DDR4-Vest, DDR4 Light Bar

The warranty period is 3 years from the original purchase date

Lifetime warranty

DDR5, DDR5 vest

The warranty period starts from the original purchase date

Memory cards and accessories

Warranty period

KingSpec product series

Warranty details

Lifetime warranty

CFexpress memory card, CFast memory card,

CF memory card

The warranty period starts from the original purchase date

3-year warranty

All accessories (including card reader)

The warranty period is 3 years from the original purchase date

Specification Sheet User Manual Driver Catalogue
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update DOWNLOAD
MT-XXX Specifications.pdf 123.27KB 2355 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
P3-XXX Specifications.pdf 168.17KB 2905 2024-04-18 DOWNLOAD
P3-XXX Specifications.pdf 32.02KB 14 2024-04-18 DOWNLOAD
NE-2TB Specifications.pdf 122.41KB 662 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
NE-XXX 2242 Specifications.pdf 132.63KB 1314 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
NE-XXX 2280 Specifications.pdf 132.55KB 5307 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
NT-XXX 2242 Specifications.pdf 123.3KB 1135 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
NT-XXX 2280 Specifications.pdf 123.37KB 1843 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
P3-4TB Specifications.pdf 123.16KB 936 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
P4-XXX Specifications.pdf 124.05KB 2725 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
Q-XXX Specifications.pdf 123.87KB 463 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
Z1-XXX Specifications.pdf 124.96KB 136 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
Z3 Plus-XXX Specifications.pdf 123.61KB 171 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
Z3-XXX Specifications.pdf 123.59KB 267 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
Z4-XXX Specifications.pdf 123.63KB 153 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
40H2 Specifications.pdf 227.22KB 66 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
40V2 Specifications.pdf 227.14KB 66 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
44V2 Specifications.pdf 227.29KB 78 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
CF2-XXX Specifications.pdf 227.14KB 79 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
CF6-XXX Specifications.pdf 227.05KB 84 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
CS Specifications.pdf 227.44KB 125 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
HS-XXX Specifications.pdf 50.45KB 73 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
IMXXX-M120 Specifications.pdf 46.83KB 114 2020-06-05 DOWNLOAD
IMXXX-M130 Specifications.pdf 30.01KB 72 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
IMXXX-S320 Specifications.pdf 29.5KB 65 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
IMXXX-S421 Specifications.pdf 29.57KB 50 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
INXXX-S350 2242 Specifications.pdf 30.06KB 151 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
INXXX-S530 2280 Specifications.pdf 29.72KB 378 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
IMXXX-M130 Specifications.pdf 30.01KB 53 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ISXXX-M120 Specifications.pdf 30.05KB 77 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ISXXX-M130 Specifications.pdf 30.15KB 51 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ISXXX-S220 Specifications.pdf 29.6KB 47 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ISXXX-S320 Specifications.pdf 46.25KB 57 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ISXXX-S421 Specifications.pdf 29.64KB 69 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ITXXX-M120 2242 Specifications.pdf 30.51KB 80 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ITXXX-M120 2280 Specifications.pdf 30.49KB 174 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ITXXX-M130 2242 Specifications.pdf 30.5KB 78 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ITXXX-M130 2280 Specifications.pdf 30.49KB 205 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ITXXX-S320 2242 Specifications.pdf 30.02KB 80 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
IVXXX-S220 Specifications.pdf 29.61KB 66 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
SDH Specifications.pdf 227.18KB 111 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
SDV Specifications.pdf 227.88KB 65 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ZF Specifications.pdf 227.17KB 98 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
ZF18 Specifications.pdf 227.09KB 115 2020-06-06 DOWNLOAD
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update DOWNLOAD
Z3 User Manual.pdf 1.19MB 4508 2020-06-16 DOWNLOAD
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update DOWNLOAD
WinDrv226x_1043100_20170713.zip 403.83KB 35563 2020-10-27 DOWNLOAD
Name Introduction Size Downloads Update DOWNLOAD

How do I know the exact capacity?(SSD)

The capacity is shown in "Megabyte" (same with Hard Disk Drive, 1MB = 1000KB). In Windows environment or DOS mode, 1MB equals to 1024 KB.  Therefore 1GB is approximate 953MB.

The actual available memory on the device is less than what is listed on the package. This is due to small discrepancies in file format and algorithms used by various operating systems. In addition, a portion of memory space is reserved for system files and data sectors for better performance.

What is an SSD?

SSD is short for solid-state drive. An SSD is built using NAND Flash or DRAM memory chips in place of platters and other mechanical mechanisms found in hard disk drives (HDDs).

SSD is short for Solid State Drive. SSD uses the main control chip to configure NAND FLASH semiconductor and replace traditional HDD (mechanical hard disk). Compared with traditional mechanical hard disks such as Western Digital, SEAGEATE, SAMSUNG, TOSHIBA, which store data with tracks, SSD has many advantages such as anti-vibration, low power consumption, small size, high performance and quietness. SSD finally will replace traditional HDD in the future.

What is difference between with HDD and SSD?

HDDs are based on magnetic spinning platters, a technology that has been in use since the mid- 1950s. The data is written to and read from these spinning platters or disks via moving heads. HDDs are mechanical devices with many moving parts and are more prone to mechanical failures and failures due to environmental conditions such as heat, cold, shock and vibration.

SSD is made of NAND Flash, controller chip, DDR and other semiconductor materials, which are pasted on the PCB board through the patch process, no mechanical parts, high speed, low latency, low power consumption, quiet.

Can I transfer data or OS from an existing HDD to a new SSD?

Yes. KingSpec SSD drives in upgrade kits that include all the necessary items required to replace a notebook or desktop HDD with a KingSpec SSD, including software to easily transfer the OS and important data. Please note that SSD-only SKUs do not include the software. If you need to clone your HDD to a new SSD you will need the bundle kit.

My SSD is a SATA 3 drive and my motherboard only supports SATA 2. Will my SSD work with my motherboard?

Yes, it is backwards compatible, but it will be running your motherboard’s SATA 2 rated speeds.


S.M.A.R.T stands for “Self-Monitor and Report Technology”, is built in hard drives and solid-state drives to indicate condition of drives. All Kingspec SSD series support S.M.A.R.T. The S.M.A.R.T contains Average P/E Cycle Count, Total Power-on Time, Power-on Cycle Count, Total Host Writes/Read and other specific information.

Viewing SMART information requires third-party software (such as CrystalDiskInfo) or the Linux command smartctl, etc.

What is NVMe?

NVMe stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express. Non-Volatile Memory means that it does not require power to retain information.NVMe takes advantage of pipeline-rich, random-access, memory-based storage. It provides significantly higher data transfer rates than traditional disk interfaces such as SAS and SATA.

What interfaces can NVMe be used with?

The NVMe protocol can be used with most standard interfaces which includes M.2 / PCIe / and SATA express.

Is an M.2 SSD the same as an mSATA SSD?

No, they are different; M.2 supports both SATA and PCIe storage interface options, while mSATA is SATA only. Physically, they look different and cannot be plugged into the same system connectors. 

What is the difference between consumer and industrial SSDs?

The application fields served by consumer SSDs tend to be individual consumers, such as personal computers, notebooks, DIY, e-sports, film and television, etc. The application fields served by industrial-grade SSDs tend to be industrial fields, such as IPC, electricity, energy, finance, big data, servers, security monitoring, blockchain, cloud computing, education, retail, netcom, medical care, rail transit, etc.

What interfaces does KINGSPEC's industrial-grade SSDs have?

KINGSPEC industrial-grade solid-state drives include: 2.5-inch SATA, mSATA, M.2 SATA, NVMe, 2.5-inch PATA, SATA DOM, IDE DOM, 1.8-inch ZIF, U.2 PCIe, HALFSLIM, CFAST, CF, CFEXPRESS and other interfaces. Compared with INNDISK, APCER, ADATA, PQI, TRANSEND and other Taiwan industrial brand SSDs, KINGSPEC has more obvious various types of interface solid state drives, and KINGSPEC has short delivery time, high cost performance and high-quality service.

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