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Financing System Introduction

Traditional financial institutions and Internet companies use Internet technology and information and communication technologies to realize new financial business models of fund circulation, payment, investment and information intermediary services.

Internet finance is not only a simple combination of the Internet and the financial industry, but it is a new model business that is naturally adapted to new needs after being familiar and accepted by users on the security and moving of network technology. It is an emerging field that combines traditional financial with Internet technology.

financing application

Industry Pain Points

At present, Internet financial equipment still uses the method of card reading to access cash . In the future trend of card-less, card-less ATM has a variety of methods : appointment withdrawal, scanning code withdrawal, swiping face withdrawal, etc., these methods are only different from data storage and recognition. The data security is also the most important which is one of the challenges must be solved. High speed is another key points of banking systems to provide better experience of transactions and other calculations. 

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Our Advantage


High performance/calculation speed and big capacities


Support RAID, encryption functions


Support S.M.A.R.T ECC and intelligent balance function; power loss protection


Compatible with most platforms and systems; customized solutions available

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