KingSpec Group, globally acclaimed storage brand, presents an extensive lineup of high-performance, consumer-grade storage products for customers worldwide. KingSpec storage solutions feature comprehensive interfaces, diverse capacities, and compatibility with the latest devices in different field applications.

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OneBoom, a subsidiary brand of KingSpec Group, is dedicated to providing gaming storage products for global gaming enthusiasts, which offers gaming storage products that epitomize superior aesthetics, enhanced speed, expanded capacity, and unparalleled stability. OneBoom's mission is to provide top-tier performance gaming solutions to passionate gamers.

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MemoStone is a new innovative brand under the KingSpec Group, committed to offering portable storage solutions to global users. The primary mission is to provide customers with portable storage solutions characterized by high speed, lightness, compactness, portability, and data privacy. MemoStone aims to provide the most suitable portable storage solutions for users from various professions.

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Data Center of Security System

Surveillance Introduction

Surveillance system uses optical fiber, coaxial cable or microwave to transmit video signals in its closed circuit. and it’s an independent and complete system from camera to display and record.

Network surveillance solves the problem of traditional surveillance, effects and changes the traditional connection method, which is simpler and more convenient. but at the same time, it needs larger storage demand and higher bandwidth to match. 

The storage devices used in video surveillance systems have different characteristics from other types of systems in terms of data read and write methods. Surveillance system generally has the characteristics of many monitoring points (large number of cameras), large video data stream, long term storage requirement, 24-hours continuous and uninterrupted operation, etc.

Surveillance Application

Industry Pain Points

Modern large-scale network remote surveillance projects generally have the characteristics of many monitoring points, scattered monitoring areas, and very different network conditions. Traditional storage solutions have problems with unstable power supplies, capacity limit, low continues reading/writing abilities. KingSpec KSI will provide advanced and professional customized storage solution for Surveillance industry. 

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Our Advantage


High performance 


Flexible IC solution and industry-level electronic materials


Stable, reliable and great compatibility


Seismic resistance, moisture resistance

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