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Transportation Introduction

"Intelligent transportation" (including data-intensive embedded system)covering a wide range of applications, such as vehicle computing, fleet tracking, telematics, control units, motion sensing and detection, equipment surveillance, video monitoring, and traffic、parking and ticketing management systems.

transportation application

Industry Pain Points

Intelligent transportation devices are usually installed in the complex environment such as shocking, vibration, endured extreme temperatures and so on. Ensuring the safe and stable running of the system in extreme environments has become a major challenge, and the equipment life cycle is also one of the major challenges of enterprises because of needing to continuously collect, store, and update data.

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Our Advantage


High performance, wide temperature -40℃~85℃


Support S.M.A.R.T. ECC and intelligent balance function; power loss protection


Cover full range capacities from 4GB to 2TB, stable, reliable and compatible


Provide customized high-speed storage solutions

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