2020 Best Black Friday Deals Are Here Again!!!

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Have you been waiting for that time of the year when you can get so much with the little amount? Or are you a tech-geek who hope to update all your computer gadgets and accessories at a price that is incredibly low?

If yes is your answer, then our Black Friday sales at Shenzhen Kingspec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is all that you need to make your dreams come true with just a little amount of money.


Just like it is our custom, we cherish our esteemed customer to a great value, and in order to give back to them for their patronage and loyalty, we usually create an avenue where our clients both old and new can get as much as they want with a very low amount of money.


In order to keep to our promise of a massive yearly slash sales, its yet another time to do a massive give away to our clients in this year’s Black Friday sales.


Just like you may already know the Black Friday sales is a time for a huge slash in the prices of products across major markets in the world.


And for us at Shenzhen Kingspec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., we subscribe to the idea of organizing this massive give away sales for all our customers.


When are the Best Black Friday Deals?

Yes, you need to stay informed on time so that you can plan well ahead of time to grab this rare opportunity and make very good use of it.


For this year’s edition of the Black Friday slash sales, we have scheduled it to hold between November 23rd to November 27th, 2020 and the exciting and amazing price slash during this period shall cut across all our premium and high-quality products.

 Best Black Friday Deals

Yes, you read it right, we mean all our products shall be having up to 50% discount in their prices. You see, this is actually a give away promo, and a time where you can stock up your tech-gadget fleet with the best product from us.


However, just like the common saying “nothing last forever,” the Black Friday slash sales shall be ending on the 27th of November. And what this means is that all our products will return to their original prices after this date.


So within the window period of the Black Friday slash sales, you can buy as much as you want to satisfy your needs with just a token amount.


So, in case you may not be sure of what to enjoy from us during this give away season from us, here are some product categories which we shall be offering a 50% price slash;


· 2.5 Inch SSD



· Portable SSD


· USB and other high-grade products from us.


The following is the QR code of the store where we participated in the event. You can scan the QR code below to enter the store to purchase the products you need.

 KingSpec Factory Store KingSpec official store KingSpec SSD store KingSpec Global store

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Are you still waiting? You better get on this, choose the big one, and satisfy your desire with our Black Friday slash sales. Yes, it is really going to be massive!


Wonderful storage, all in Kingspec!


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