A New Era of RAM I KingSpec Launches High Frequency DDR5 Storm Series

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With the release of Intel's 12th generation Core series processors, DDR5 memory is about to become mainstream memory. KingSpec's Storm series DDR5 brings the latest top technology to the next generation of gaming platforms.

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KingSpec Storm series DDR5 RAM is fully compliant with the JEDEC standard specification and has been QVL verified by the market's mainstream OEMs, and is widely compatible with the latest motherboards on the market, such as Intel Z690/B660, AMD X670/X670E, etc. DDR5 further enhances speed, capacity and reliability, and brings many enhanced DDR5 further enhances speed, capacity and reliability, and brings many enhanced features such as on-die ECC (ODECC) to improve stability during extremely fast operation, and power management IC (PMIC) to optimize power supply capability.

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In terms of appearance design, Storm DDR5 are designed in the gaming style with a "keel" design on the back to emphasize strength and stability. The three-dimensional "dragon scales" on both sides extend outward, and the KingSpec logo sits upright in the center, showing the domineering and extreme speed of the combination of the Storm series and gaming elements.

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Our DDR5 is currently available in 16GB (32GB will be available later) with 4800MHz frequency, timing CL40-40-40 and only requires 1.1V operating voltage. Due to the faster speed and greater stability, it truly achieves outstanding speed improvements, bringing you better gaming expreience and overall system application performance. KingSpec provides a lifetime warranty for this series of products, escorting continuous and efficient service.

DDR5 is the latest memory standard in the current computer ecosystem. Compared to the previous generation of DDR4 technology, DDR5 has a huge upgrade in capacity and speed. Strom DDR5-4800 provides 50% higher performance than DDR4-3200. Whether you're turning on the highest settings for the ultimate gaming experience, streaming in 4K+, or performing large-scale animations and 3D renderings, KingSpec Storm Series DDR5 RAM is your upgrade option.


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