Benefits of Portable SSD To Videographers And Photographers

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Storage is very important in all areas, especially for videographers and photographers. In any form of job they may involve either capturing events, or shooting a film, enough storage is needed to store files.


In the past, videographers and photographers had to depend on and use small HDDs and SD cards to record their events and capturing but since a portable SSD has been invented, you can protect your files by storing them on the portable SSD. And the way of transferring files on a portable SSD is very fast and easy.


As a videographer and photographer below are the things you stand to gain by using portable SSD.


Major things videographers and photographers stand to gain by using portable SSD

 Portable SSD

1. Speed

Portable SSD is faster compared to other storage devices. It is 8 times faster compared with small HD and it is 100x faster compared with USD flash

In the SSD there are two elements which are for speed and the two are crucial for creativity. These elements are called write and read speed.

Write speed stands for the duration required to save a file into a storage device while read calculates the time it takes to open a file on a device.

When using others devices transfer that will take about 70minutes will only take 10mins on SSD.

However, read speed is highly needful for both videographer and photographer when editing. And the read speed gives you the privilege to edit your work without sending it to a desktop or computer.


2. Durability

With portable SSD your files are safe even when you are in the forest or desert areas you have the assurance.  And it is portable to handle anywhere. It is not fragile but durable.


When compared with HDDs which spin disks to access information, there are no moving parts in SSD this prevents it from shocking, vibration, drops, and bumps. When there is no internet, you need a good backup which is very crucial and this portable SSD offers.


3.  Space

Portable SSD has a good number of storage spaces, unlike the other devices. To store up your photos, recordings, and video you need a large amount of storage space. It is preferable to have a single SSD than carrying multiple HDDs or flash drives.


With portable SSD, as a photographer or videographer, you can store a whole work on a single drive. For example, with 5MB the 1TB SSD will contain more than two hundred thousand images.

As for the videographer, 1 hour of 4k footage will take up a number ranging from 42GB to more than 740GB because the storage need is short and this also depends on the type of camera you employ for your work.


And from research, putting different and many shots on a single drive will help the team who are editors to create a section for the work without the need of sending from multiple drives.

 Portable SSD

4. Portability

 Just as the name implies portable SSD, it is portable. And what makes it stand out for creativity, most especially it helps beginners it saves you from coping your work to desktop or laptop first. And it is not easy to carry a laptop or desktop to the field. It saves from stress.


You don't need to upload everything to the cloud before giving it to the editor. And in a case where you are in a rural area where there is no internet, you are sure of a secure backup.


Are you in need of a portable SSD?

As a photographer or videographer, you need good storage space which you can rely on and this is what portable SSD gives.

It offers you durability, an easier and fast solution and it helps you to back up your files without an internet connection. And it helps to send huge work in a few minutes and files can be edited directly on it without any damage.

The best manufacturer of SSD has helped to reduce your stress by giving you the best storage you can dream of.

Contact us to purchase your portable SSD from the most reliable and responsible manufacturer of Portable SSD and you are sure of getting value for your money.



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