Common Misconceptions About SSDs

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KingSpec SSD finds its applications in most devices today, and it is all because of certain advantages. However, some misconceptions about SSDs still make people think these are not worth the upgrade.

What are the most common misconceptions about SSDs, and what's the truth about them?

Here we will elaborate on some of the most common misconceptions about the KingSpec SSD and their truth.

1. SSDs do not last long.

The first misconception about these is that they don't last long. Most people say that in comparison with the HDDs. The main way HDDs wore out was when the mechanically moving parts inside them started to malfunction. That usually was a very long time if used with care.

The SSDs, on the other hand, have a TBW unit specified that tells how long that SSD would last. Technically, you cannot tell the lifespan of SSDs in terms of time because they only degrade when Write/Erase cycles are completed.

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2. SSDs are not durable.

One of the biggest benefits of getting an SSD is that it is highly durable compared to HDDs. Hard disk drives used to have moving parts inside, and they would mostly malfunction independently. HDDs were also very delicate against jerks and impacts.

SSDs, on the other hand, are resistant to all these, and they usually don't take a lot of damage from jerks or impacts.

3. SSDs are too expensive.

It is something people usually claim SSDs are very expensive. They were very expensive in the earlier years, but now this technology has matured a lot, and you can get terabytes of SSD storage for a few hundred dollars. While the HDD technology is still much cheaper, spending a little extra makes a lot of sense, considering the performance upgrade you get.

4. SSDs are only available in small storage sizes.

Another misconception about SSDs is that they are available in small sizes. The thing about HDDs is that they were common at a time when devices were bulky. That's why we can see HDDs with over 8TB storage in inches. On the other hand, SSDs must maintain a smaller size and good storage. These days you can easily find an SSD with over 4TB of storage, which is more than enough for most applications.

5. SSDs do not provide high performance in every application.

People spreading misconceptions about SSDs say these only perform in high-performance applications and do not perform the same in other applications. Although there is a slight difference, the overall performance experience stays the same. Everything is much quicker here, from boot-up speeds to loading, reading, writing, and storing files.

6. Managing these is a complicated process.

No, it is not complicated, especially with a S.M.A.R.T management tool that gives an easy GUI-based SSD management interface.

Find out which SSD solves all these problems for you.

KingSpec SSD technology is a leap ahead of traditional HDD technology. However, for the best user experience and longevity, you must find the right one according to your use case.


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