Evolution of Computer Interface

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Individual computer components like the KingSpec SSDs and others have evolved the computer today into a much more powerful form than previous ones. However, a huge part of our experience still comes from the interface. It also evolved a lot compared to decades ago. Here is all you need to know about the evolution of computer interfaces.

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Early computers

Looking at the computers from the early days, we will see room-sized machines. Those machines used vacuum tubes for performing simple arithmetic operations. The interaction with them was done using punch cards. Then we can also find computers that were made of gears and wheels. The most common example includes the Turing machine.

This idea goes back to the 19th century. Then we got electronic computers to move to transistor-based technology in the 20th century. These computers had proper operating systems and used I/O devices like a keyboard and tracking devices.

Early Human-Computer Interaction

HDI sets the base for efficient interaction between humans and computers, and this discipline was very late. It emerged in the 1980s when computers were accessible to every office and home. In earlier days, computers were hard to operate, and only experts could operate them.

However, with Apple launched the 1984 Macintosh, things changed significantly, and everyone could use computers. It was the birth of using folder icons for folders and similar UI design elements to make interaction easier. In the 1990s, OS was a huge part of computer interaction, and the internet opened new doors. By then, HCI was shifting from easier to encouraging interaction.

Evolution of Human-Computer Interaction

In earlier computers, keyboards were used as the main way to control them. However, the mouse was a huge improvement in computer interfaces. It replaced many keyboard functions, forcing them to get functional shortcut keys to improve the experience.

The next huge improvement came in 2007 when we switched from a keyboard and mouse to a touch interface with the launch of the iPhone. Touchscreens ruled the HCI world for almost a decade, and now we have other ways to control our computers.

The coronavirus outbreak was another major event that led to advancements in contactless operations. It is where RIFD, NFC, Bluetooth, and other contactless communication options entered the computer interface world.

The future of computer interface

We can already use computers with sign language that take cameras as sensors and process visual information to perform certain operations. However, it is not far that we may achieve controlling computers with an eye-tracking system. Similarly, there could be a brain-computer interface where thinking could help control computers allowing paralyzer individuals to use computers.

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