Factors To Be Considered When Choosing SSD For Rugged Computers

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Regarding the key points that need to be paid attention to in the application of solid-state drives in rugged computers, we first need to understand the special requirements of rugged computers.

Rugged industrial computers need to operate reliably and efficiently in harsh conditions and environments, for example, strong vibrations, dusty or humid conditions, and extreme temperatures. Rugged industrial computers have to meet specific requirements to function in industrial environments.

Wide temperature resistance

Some industrial environments are in extremely hot or cold temperatures. Therefore, rugged computers may be exposed to ambient and fluctuating temperatures from time to time. It must function optimally between -40 degrees Celsius and +85 degrees Celsius.

Water proof

It is very important of the protection of rugged computer. Good waterproof protection will prevent the computer from being invaded by water, resulting in short circuits or other failures. If you need a waterproof computer, be sure to pay attention to the IP rating. In very humid environments, IP65 is usually the minimum requirement, while full immersion requires IP68.

Impact resistance

Shock and vibration are very common in industrial environments and can be dangerous for some computer components. That's why most industries that operate in harsh environments, such as vehicles or machinery, use rugged computers, with permanently welded processors and components that have got specific shock and vibration standard certificates, such as MIL-STD-810 and IEC 60068. For example, industrial SSD chips use anti-vibration padding to minimize the impact of shock and vibration on computers.

Continuous operation

Rugged computers need to operate continuously 24/7 without failure. Therefore, industrial computers are designed with high-quality components such as SSDs, connectors, and smart chassis to ensure continuous operation.

However, product designs are often tailored specifically to meet the needs of your industry. For example, rugged computers used in in-vehicle applications need to power through the vehicle ignition and require a wide input voltage to maximize component life.

Low maintenance

In the industrial sectors, they need low-maintenance rugged computers to save the time, money, and resources required to maintain computers. For example, fanless industrial PCs do not require internal cleaning.

According to the specific requirements of the rugged computer market, Yansen provides a series of high-quality industrial products that meet the requirements, including: power-off protection, write protection, secure erase, hardware destruction, three-proof paint, AES encryption, shock and drop resistance , and also accept special customized services to provide the perfect solution for the majority of industrial users.


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