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How to Choose a Memory Card for Shooting 4K Video?

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For shooting a 4K video, you will require a memory card with a lot of storage capacity. Now you might get confused that what type of memory card would work for shooting 4K video. You must select the best one; otherwise, the result might disappoint you.

Things to look for while choosing Memory Card for shooting 4K video

There are 4 important aspects that you need to look for in detail while buying a memory card. If you don’t pay attention to the following 4 important aspects while choosing a memory card for shooting 4k video, then you might not achieve your desired results:

Memory Card Capacity

You should know that shooting 4K videos requires a lot of space for storing large files. If you want to shoot a 4K video of an hour, then it will require approximately 45GB of space. 63GB will work for you if you are only going to shoot a video for an hour or maybe a few minutes more. It would be wise to get a 256 GB memory card, so you don’t have to worry about space and can carry on with your video shooting.

Writing memory speed

Another critical aspect you need to pay attention to would be the writing speed of the memory card you are considering getting for shooting a 4K video. The writing speed has to be fast, so you never have to wait, or your video doesn’t get stuck. While storing it on your memory card, you don’t miss any part of the shooting.

So, it would help if you always asked about the writing video speed and specifically asked for 4K videos. Try to choose a card that has a U3 marking on it.


Data transfer rate

Once you make the video and have it on the memory card, it is obvious that you will have to transfer it to a system. After writing speed, ask about the data transfer rate. How long will it take to copy content from the memory card into your laptop, desktop, or another device? The data transfer rate has to be fast; otherwise, it might take a whole day to transfer the video from the memory card into the system.

Video storage speed

The last important aspect you need to follow before you finalize any memory card for shooting a 4K video would be the video speed. The memory card you are getting for the 4K video must have at least a V30 rating. If the card has a V30 rating only, then the video writing speed would be 30 MB.

Once you ask about the 4 things discussed above and get satisfactory answers, you can buy that memory card; otherwise, you won’t get your 4K video desired results.

King Spec Offers a wide range of Memory cards

If you are looking for a quality memory card, you can get them from our website. We have different capacities that come with different speeds also. You can use our memory cards for high-end results too.


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