KingSpec Augment High-End Automatic Test Equipments for Storage Product Lines

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In 2023, KingSpec Electronics' sales volume increased by more than 50% and received good market feedback globally. To meet increasing market demands, production efficiency must be improved, and product quality must be enhanced. KingSpec workshop self-designed new high-end automatic test equipment to optimize the testing process and efficiency. This new equipment could support running different firmware under different systems automatically. This will help to reduce manual setup time. Also, multiple interface product tests can be completed on the same device. It can efficiently test 600 SATA SSDs, 480 PCIe SSDs, and 600 USB devices per cycle, marking a milestone in quality assurance and performance evaluation.

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Key Features

Integrates Multiple Tests

This advanced equipment ingeniously integrates multiple tests, including firmware burning, the Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT), and the Burn-In(aging)Test. By consolidating these diverse testing phases into a unified solution, KingSpec can achieve higher efficiency, reduce production costs, and expedite product launches, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Evaluate Multi-NAND flash controllers for SSDs

 The notable feature of the automatic test equipment is its ability to test multi-NAND flash controllers, such as REALTEK, MAXIO, InnoGrit, PHISON, SMI, etc. This multi-firmware system integration allows us to assess and ensure different controller solutions' NAND capabilities and performance.

Testing Report

This equipment’s function to generate detailed testing reports automatically is another pivotal feature. This capability ensures that KingSpec benefits from the integrated testing functions and receives organized and insightful data. The automated generation of comprehensive reports contributes to a more efficient testing process, enabling KingSpec to make informed decisions and maintain transparency in product quality assessment.

High Throughput

The automatic testing equipment boasts an impressive capacity, enabling the simultaneous testing of large batches of 600 SATA SSDs, 480 PCIe SSDs, and 600 USB devices. This accelerates the testing process and ensures quality standards and production lead time.

KingSpec Electronics obtained multiple invention patents based on this automatic test equipment. By seamlessly integrating multiple tests, offering compatibility with various solutions, and providing detailed testing reports, we have optimized the testing process and set a new standard for efficiency and reliability.

Our commitment to advancing technology underscores delivering higher quality standards of storage solutions.



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