KingSpec New Product NVMe NX Series SSD Is Released, A High-speed Experience Without Cache

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Recently, KingSpec has launched a new NVMe SSD-NX series, which is mainly for high-performance needs and aimed at users who are price-sensitive and pursue cost-effectiveness.



The KingSpec NVMe NX series uses 22nm chips and is equipped with Maxio's latest MAP1202 main control chip, which can improve performance by more than 30% without cache.


The following are the measured reading and writing performance: 3400MB/s, 3000MB/s.


Crystal Disk Mark 7.0.0


NX provides users with a cost-effective upgrade option with large capacity, high performance, low power consumption and a variety of data security technologies.


Data support: data reliability


The NX new controller solution applies the third-generation Agile ECC technology and 4K LDPC+ adaptive flash signal processing technology, which has several advantages.


ü 4K LDPC has stronger hardware decoding ability than regular 2K LDPC, which makes the performance more stable and the operation lasts for a long time without slowing down;

ü 4K LDPC software decoding capability is higher than 2K LDPC, which can effectively improve the reliability of flash data and prolong the life of SSD.

ü With adaptive flash signal processing technology, the best Read VREF value can be found online.


Data support:main control has low calorific value

MAP1202 main control solution effectively solves the problem of too high temperature after NVMe runs for a long time.


The following picture shows the temperature comparison between NX and competing products.


The following picture shows the comparison of performance stability between NX and competing products in continuous reading and writing. The lines in Figure 1 and Figure 2 clearly show that the reading and writing performance of NX is relatively more stable and very outstanding.




As a performance upgrade of regular NVMe PCIe3.0, NX's outstanding performance is the best choice for players who pursue high performance.


KingSpec's NVMe has a variety of models to meet the needs of different users.

ü NE regular cacheless series

ü NX high-speed cacheless series

ü EX pro GEN3x4 with cache high-speed series

ü XF GEN4x4 new protocol cacheless series


The four series meet the different application scenarios of all mid-to-high-end players and industry users. For more details, please visit the official website www.kingspec.com.


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