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When it comes to product development for maximum customer satisfaction, we are committed to innovation in order to ensure that the needs of our clients are always met.


Also, with the rapid development of SSD products, an ordinary SATA interface SSDs are limited by the 6Gbps transmission speed and can no longer meet all needs.


Currently, as the most outstanding product in storage devices, PCI-e Gen3 x 4 supporting NVMe protocol is absolutely the most favorite to most players, and its speed is almost 5 times that of SATA SSD.


Through direct communication with the CPU, the delay of SSD can be reduced, so that the performance of games and other applications can be brought into full play.


However, this is most important and useful for lovers of large game and some working environments that require fast response and low latency so that workers can enjoy the best working experience.

For this reason, KingSpec upgraded the entry-level NVMe SSD NE to a more powerful and durable DRAM NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO.

As it has always been the case, Kingspec NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO solid state drive is a solid state drive that focuses on the ultimate performance, and it can handle file processing and video rendering and output at work at a very fast speed.

Performance Feature of the New NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO SSD

Appearance Style:


Product Performance Introduction:

In terms of transmission rate, the continuous read speed of Kingspec NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO solid-state drive is as high as 3500MB/s.


Similarly, the continuous write speed also reaches 3200MB/s, which is enough to meet the needs of daily work, and even for entertainment users.


Among the measured data, the NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO SSD guarantees more stable transmission under the premise of high-speed transmission, continuous file reading and writing.


More so, the latest NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO cannot lose speed, and its actual data copying speed has a good performance. Among other outstanding features of the upgraded SSD are the following

Heat Dissipation:

The new KingSpec Electronics NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO solid state hard drive adopts high-efficiency heat dissipation technology-five-layer high-efficiency nano-graphene copper foil heat sink.


The ultra-high thermal conductivity of graphene + the high thermal conductivity of copper foil = higher heat dissipation. This allows our solid state drives to exert the most ferocious performance anytime and anywhere.

Of course, the NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO SSD can also be used as a mobile solid state drive. It can also be used with one hand after the mobile solid state drive box is installed, and it is light and portable.


As a matter of fact, it can be carried in handbags and backpacks, and it is suitable for outdoor travel operations. It is your ideal companion.


Product Parameter:

Model Name


Form factor


Dimensions (L x W x H)

L80.0mm*W22.0mm*H3.0mm ±0.15mm


PCI-e Gen3 x 4


NVME Rev.1.3- with backwards compatibility to NVME Rev. 1.1



Operating Voltage

DC 3.3V±5%

Flash Type


Sequential Read (Max*)

Up to 3500MB/s

Sequential Write (Max*)

Up to 3200MB/s

Max Random 4k Read


Max Random 4k Write


Operating Humidity

5%-95% RH non-condensing

Power Consumption (Max*)


Operating temperature

0°C ~ +70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C ~ +85°C


1 million hours




Limited 3-year warranty with free technical support

To Sum Up

KingSpec's latest NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO equipped with dram has stronger sequential read and write performance and supports five-layer nano-graphene copper foil black technology heat sink, which can experience high performance and a long-lasting experience.


If you pursue high cost performance, these "quasi-flagship" products with performance similar to higher-end models under daily light load conditions are worth considering.


Contact us for our latest NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO

Nothing beats our new, innovative, handy and supper comfy NVMe SSD NE-XXX PRO, especially when it comes to its high speed reading and writing capability.


Do you need a SSD that is super fast with a speed of light? This is definitely what you should aim for. Kindly contact KingSpec for more information or to purchase yours.


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