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Shenzhen KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, specialized in producing and developing memory solutions for 15 years, the sales and profit volume are keep raising, especially last two years SV and PV both over 150% and won great reputation in worldwide.

In order to meet the market trend needs, KingSpec made strategy adjustment correspondingly,  we will pay 80% manpower and financial budget to our industrial grade SSD and build YANSEN to a top brand in worldwide in 2022, so now we are recruiting two agents in Europe and North America, great support on agent price, promotion and other necessary requirements will be given to those enterprise who has enough power to play this role, welcome to join us.


Agents Quota: 2

Agents Area: Europe and North America


If you want to know more match conditions and other details, please contact with Sales Manager Morffin Wang, email: morffin@kingspec.com, tel: +86 13823345784   

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