What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid-state mobile hard drives?

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As the name implies, a mobile hard disk is a storage product that emphasizes portability by exchanging large-capacity data between hard disks as a storage medium. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of the solid-state mobile hard disk collected and compiled by the editor. Welcome to read.


The advantages of solid state mobile hard drives

1. Fast speed. The theoretical speed of SSD is more than 10 times that of ordinary SATA hard drives. The actual read/write speed is usually more than 5 times that of SATA hard disks and 20 times that of ordinary U disks. High-definition movies or thousands of photos may take a few seconds to copy from the computer to the solid-state drive.


2. Small size and light weight. The memory chip of SSD is very small. Even if the shell, control circuit and interface chip are used, the final product size is less than one-third of the ordinary mobile hard disk. It may not be bigger than a credit card in the palm of your hand.


3. No noise, low failure rate. The solid-state mobile hard drive works a bit like a USB flash drive. Because the data access of the solid-state mobile hard disk does not need to rely on mechanical heads, nor does it require the use of sophisticated high-density disks, the solid-state mobile hard disk can work without noise, and it will not be as easily damaged as an ordinary hard disk.


Disadvantages of solid state mobile hard drives

1. The price is high. Compared with ordinary SATA mobile hard drives, the price of solid-state mobile hard drives is about twice as high. The price of mainstream mobile hard disks on the market is usually more than 800 yuan, and the capacity is usually only 256GB or 128GB. The price per GB is about 4 US dollars. The price of ordinary SATA hard disks is only 0.3 yuan per GB, and the price per unit capacity is more than 10 times higher. .


2. Depends on computer and interface performance. Although the speed of solid-state mobile hard disks is N times that of ordinary hard disks, their read and write speeds are still limited by computer performance and interface speed. If it is an old computer or a computer that does not support the USB3.0 interface, the performance of the solid state mobile hard disk may not be the best.


3. Data recovery is difficult. Due to the principle of data storage, when a small probability of physical damage occurs, it is extremely difficult to recover the data of the solid state mobile hard disk. In the case of mechanical failures and circuit failures of traditional disk drives, in theory, technology can be used to recover all or part of the data, but if the solid state drive is physically damaged, the probability of data recovery can be zero.


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