What Are The Different Types Of SSD And Which One Is Better?

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In the revolution of storage technologies, size does not necessarily matter regarding functionality. Interestingly technology advancements have brought about better storage devices with smaller sides but more storage capacity, one of which is the SSD.

Are you a hard drive user? You may consider checking out SSD. In addition, choosing an SSD for yourself not only requires you to focus on the size but also on other important areas such as compatibility, speed, readability of the storage by your device, and also the brand that manufactured it.

Certainly, you may have already been thinking inwardly, “what is an SSD? Why is the use of SSD a better option? Which type of SSD is the best to use?” Do not worry, this article will give you a clear view of the different types of KingSpec SSD that KingSpec made available for you.

What is an SSD?

SSD simply means solid-state drives. It is an external storage device that can be used on your computer device and other digital devices, thus improving the overall functionality of such devices.

The function at a speed multiple that of the hard drive. However, care needs to be taken when choosing a solid-state drive as each type available specifically functions with certain devices.

Let us look at the available types of SSD.

Types of SSD

As advancements in technological procedures sets in, there are always continuous change and update in features so that, more benefits can be made visible for a particular product. Five types of SSDs are presently available in the market.

1. 2.5 Inch SSD

These are a unique category of SSD as they serve as a set stone for other types of SSDs. They are widely known as SATA SSDs and they have a similar structural look and functional interface as hard drives. The 2.5-inch SSD may be pretty slow, but they have an average speed of about 570MB/S.


You may already be wondering what the jargon, mSATA means. mSATA simply stands for mini serial advanced technology attachment. It is just a smaller version of the SATA SSD.

They can be used for smaller devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and so on. Not limited to these devices, they can also be used in larger computers.

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3. M.2 PCIe

This is the fastest type of SSD with a speed up to four times that of the SATA-incorporated SSDs. Even though they are more expensive than other forms of SSDs, their high speed cannot be undermined.

The M.2 PCIe fully referred to as a peripheral component interconnect express works well with most sound cards and graphics.

4. M.2 SATA

The M.2 SATA is an improved type of solid-state drive with good format flexibility. In addition, they do not need wire connections to be fixed at appropriate locations in laptops. The only consideration is that such laptops must have the needed M.2 space.

5. Portable SSD

These are special, fashionable, and external forms of SSD that can be taken with you wherever you go. The portable SSD is pocket friendly, which means you can take them anywhere. Their speed also extends as high as 500MB/S.

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SSD is the best choice to use in the present digital world, as every daily activity in the digital space requires speed. Of all SSDs available, the M.2 PCIe is the better option you should consider because their rate cannot be compared with others.

At KingSpec, we focus on our customers’ needs and requirements to enable us to give the best quality. KingSpec SSDs are built with users in mind, which means you have nothing to be worried about during usage.

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