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Why Are Enterprise SSDs So Expensive?

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An enterprise solid state drive, also known as an enterprise solid state disk, is indeed a component that saves data in a non-volatile semiconductor memory chip and is designed to be utilized in storage technologies, workstations, datacentres, and direct-attached storage devices.

Enterprise SSDs are vital and worth every single penny for several firms or industries that depend significantly on its data and would like to ensure they encounter as few challenges as possible.

Top three reasons why firms use enterprise SSDs for workloads

Since not all SSDs are designed for long-term usage

The expense of obtaining a defective SSD might cancel out any initial cost savings and capacity perks since they wear out rapidly owing to continuous writes.

We will go over the important characteristics that lead most corporate companies to choose enterprise SSD when it comes to either upgrade or add extra storage to their datacentre or workstations.

1.  Power loss mitigation

Every SSD includes a cache for enhancing write processes. After a specific amount of write instructions have accumulated in the cache, then write operations will begin.

However, accidents occur. If you experience power failure while the data is still stored in the cache, you may experience data loss.

Capacitor buffers are useful in this situation. All enterprise SSDs include capacitors to ensure that data could still be transmitted to the SSD in the case of power outages.

When voltage decreases happen, the SSD controller will pull electricity from the capacitor to give just sufficient time to complete the current writing, lowering the chance of data damage.

enterprise SSDs

2.  Over-provisioning and endurance

The percentage of the SSD storage that is already configured for over-provisioning is one of the crucial components in enterprise SSDs offering sustained performance and improvements in efficiency.

Techniques like wear levelling or trash collection are frequently used to decrease wear and extend the lifespan of an SSD.

Trash collection is the procedure of moving suitable pages to available blocks while removing blocks that contain erroneous pages.

Wear-levelling is a method that equally distributes write/erase processes across blocks by substituting regularly used blocks with vacant blocks to balance block use as well as prevent them from wearing out prematurely.

Both strategies necessitate the provision of additional space.

Over-provisioning is a feature that provides extra space by dividing a part of the overall storage to ensure that the enterprise SSD driver can perform these life-extension approaches more seamlessly.

3.  Data stability

Data reliability and stability are excellent, thanks to data protection methods in the microcontroller, DRAM, BRAM, NAND controller, and other components that reduce the frequency of quiet faults while immediately rectifying identified errors.

High-end enterprise SSDs also provide end-to-end data protection with several Sector Size options, including Variable Sector Size, DIX, and DIF, thus ensuring data correctness and consistency, both on- and off-disk.

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