Why Is NAND Flash Displacing Hard Disk Drives?

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NAND flash has become the fastest-growing technology for storage devices at present. The increasing need for memory devices with low power consumption, high speed, compact size, robustness, scalability, and lightweight is significantly fueling the NAND flash industry. The NAND flash storage technology is mainly growing due to its higher demands in cameras, laptops, smartphones, etc. Besides that, SSD supplier is also making inroads into the storage market.

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Reasons NAND flash is displacing hard disk drives

NAND flash has become an ideal solution as a mass storage option for mobile devices. The face is truer due to multiple reasons. The reasons range from lightweight to small size, high speed, and more. Many of these reasons, particularly those related to performance, are highly valuable for their application in servers and desktops.

Do you still want to learn why NAND flash displaces hard disk drives? Let's look at the key reasons below to understand things better in this regard.

So, here we go:

· Improved reliability and lifetime

One of the key reasons behind the emerging popularity of NAND flash is its improved lifetime and reliability. Good controller SSDs can deliver lifetimes better than hard drives are providing already.

· Better performance

Most of the systems aren’t limited by the performance of the processor. However, they are limited by storage in most cases. Unlike HDDs, SSDs are always operating in hundreds of milliseconds. Therefore, SSD storage can ensure better performance and a new life even in a few years old systems. Therefore, considering SSD is always a better solution if you want a performance upgrade in any system.

Overall, SSD can provide the best performance improvement for any system upgrade.

· Enhanced endurance

NAND flash memory is usually designed with an SSD workload endurance rating. This practice allows any SSD supplier to offer various SSDs for various applications. Enterprise and client SSDs are developing lifetime endurance to match the intended workload. Some suppliers also provide NAND flash memory with a software utility for SSD life expectancy tracking. This solution usually helps consumers to check the status of their SSDs periodically.  

NAND flash has emerged as universal memory

The NAND flash market has generated a revenue of $64.24 billion by the end of 2021. However, the market is expected to grow tremendously during its 2022 to 2027 forecast period.

· NAND flash memory technology is helping consumers to store more data even at a reduced cost.

· Due to this, it has been acting as a potential replacement for Hard Disk Drives in the storage market.

Besides that, machine learning, AI, mobility, connectivity, and other macro trends also favor the NAND market.

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