Basic Introduction To Self-Encrypting Drive

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Self-encrypting drive is abbreviated as SED which is a hard disk drive(HDD) or solid state drive(SSD) with an encryption circuit built inside of the drive which can transparently encrypts all the data that's written into the media and also decrypt the data written into the media when unlocked.

However, the self-encrypting drive never leaves the circuit of the SED hardware which makes it safe for OS level attacks.


Why you need a software-based encryption key management to maintain your self-encryption drive?

You will always need a software-based encryption key to manage your SED because there's no encryption that is fully secured without an authentication and proper management.

So, it is essential that you have a unique plan that will ensure perfect security and robust authentication of your devices.

At KingSpec, we provide an intelligent software-based encryption key management for anything you want to encrypt which also prove robustic, manageable, automated and easy to use security solutions.

At KingSpec, we also provides companies with a software that’s ensures they have control over their data security environment using or Security Enterprise Server(SES), ensuring that there is maximum security and transparency when working in the organization.

How does self-encrypting drive work?

The self-encrypting devices works by creating a unique and random data encryption key called DEK. A data encryption key commonly known as DEK, transform data to the device and form an unbreakable code which is created by the encryption engine.

When you create a file and save it to the drive, it gets encrypted with the DEK, and also whenever you access a file stored in the drive that’s in the SED, it gets decrypted by the DEK. A self-encrypting drive or solid state drive is designed that’s way.

The solid state drive gets to start encryption immediately you start creating a file or accessing a file that’s why if data on the SED is encrypted all times and someone hack your system, the hacker won’t be able to gain access your file within the SED.

This is so because encryption and decryption takes place within the solid state drive and not in the computer memory or processor.


Benefits of self-encrypting drive

1. It improves the speed performance of the system because the encryption software is fully integrated and there's no need for any other components of the system to step in and lift it heavily.

2. Solid state drive is the strongest security tools you can purchase with your money and they work independently in the system, even if the system is hacked they won't access your files stored in the SED.

3. It easy to operate, once you connect with the third party encryption key management software, the software optimizes the encryption and decryption functions.

4. The solid state drive is inexpensive to maintain and operate, it starts operating the moment the assembly line is on and the management software do the rest ensure no human intervention.

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