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MLS is the abbreviation of "My Life Space", and this is the name of the mobile storage product series under the KingSpec brand.

MLS believes that people's lives are rich and full of passion, and many parts of life, including work, artistic creation and entertainment, and all these need the support of data space.

MLS focuses on text materials, design manuscripts, film and television works, music scripts, classic films, large games, or other things that make people happy in life. Most outstandingly, MLS provides high-quality data storage space solutions that fit various users' habits.

Z3 plus portable SSD
With the increase in data demand, there is a gradual exposure to the question of how to meet the increasing daily demand for large-capacity storage devices.

For this reason, KingSpec combines the first-generation USB 3.1 interface and high-speed solid-state storage technology, which gives
Z3 plus portable SSD the top transfer rate. High-speed transmission and large capacity provide more free space for users' data management.

A Brief Overview of Z3 Plus Portable SSD product

The new Z3 Plus Portable SSD comes with a passionate, quiet and far simple and smooth style design, with flowing silver color LOGO. It inherits the KingSpec, the iconic Z3 series of Logo, and the series slogan My Life Space.

Color design

The Z3 plus portable SSD brings two theme colors, namely flame red and quiet blue. The fiery passion burns the vitality of the product, and it has become a combination of expressing personality and showing love.


In a peaceful and quiet environment, it seems to be attached to the product with a restrained and deep temperament, exuding an elegant and lonely high-cold atmosphere. At the same time, it ultimately satisfies the user's pursuit of personalization.
Z3 plus portable SSD
Performance advantages of Z3 Plus Portable SSD

Multi-platform, widely compatible, one enough, worry-free. It has strong compatibility and is suitable for data storage and backup in multi-platform operations.

Users can easily connect Z3 plus to devices such as PC, Mac, smartphone or game console. Z3 plus is compatible with all mainstream operating systems on the market, including Widows, macOS, Linux, Android, etc.


Frankly speaking, users can enjoy the convenience of data access that Z3 plus brings to users anytime and anywhere.

There is also a massive improvement in its metal design material

The sturdy aluminum shell makes the mobile solid-state hard drive Z3 plus have excellent durability, can better protect data, and reduce data damage caused by body impact.

Z3 plus portable SSD

Data storage safer and more reliable.

The high-performance adapter chip with a safe and reliable storage solution can effectively protect user privacy.

Technical Details of Z3 Plus Portable SSD

In terms of capacity, the new Z3 plus portable SSD comes in various capacities such as 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, and the continuous read and write speed can reach 550MB/s.

Although there is only one USB 3.1 Gen1 interface (theoretical bandwidth 5Gbps) and Type-C data cable, it can be used in macOS, Windows, Android, and Linux platforms.


Partner with us for our new Z3 Plus Portable SSD

Without a doubt, you can tell that we are a highly innovative brand that is focused on making life more easy and comfortable all users.


With the need for more storage capacity and a faster write and read speed of storage devices, we are pretty sure that you need the Z3 plus portable SSD. Kindly contact us for a smooth deal on this amazing product of ours.


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