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KingSpec Product Packaging Update

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We can tell the business circle is a dramatic one with so many ups and downs, especially when events and situations are going against your efforts.


However, when looking back on the various difficulties and challenges of 2020, and coming to try various innovations, the new year, 2021 it is destined to be a great year.

 KingSpec SSD Packaging Update

Although the new year has been marked to be a great one, in 2021, everyone is worried and excited about the unknown. Thankfully, the business year 2020 has passed, and either for better or worse, we must face the new year and new challenges with a new look.

In the new year, KingSpec welcomes 2021 with a new look, and all of us are all making plans and goals to make the new appearance of the new year to be a great one as we set new goals and targets.

The new appearance with which we have put up to start the new year reflects the determination and attitude of the company to "make a facelift" to both our products and services. However, to create this change that we eagerly look forward to seeing in the company, we are determined to start with every detail that comes into contact.

KingSpec SSD Packaging Update

For instance, when it comes to the dimensions of packaging information, we have designed a more intuitive double-sided display for our customers.


On the one hand, a transparent window is designed see the actual product and all the coding information more clearly; this will help to better confirm the product size and the real interface form, and avoid buying mistakes.


This is very important since some small partners will misread the interface and then end up with products that do not match what they needed, and subsequent replacement is very troublesome.


The transparent window design makes the product interface and information clearer, allowing you to choose the product that suits you.


More so, the other side shows the latest version of KingSpec's new VI leading logo and product series standards Interface Protocol.

In the same vein, we are also paying more focus on professional attitude to help us achieve excellent quality in our products such as 2.5 inch SSD and services.

With a new attitude in 2021, certainly that our team of staff and other workers in KingSpec company will surely bring to you golden qualities with new faces.

KingSpec SSD Packaging Update
Nevertheless, we are aware that to achieve all of these in the new year, the change starts in the new year, and the effort starts today.

Also, we a new starting point, we are putting on a more refined and brand new uniform, and with this, we are certain that KingSpec will experience the wind, rain and beauty of life with you. After all, every encounter is not easy.


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