KingSpec New Product Sales Kit Z3 Portable Solid State Drive

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A more sophisticated edition of Z3 portable SSD movable hard state drive was formally issued by Kingspec on the 20th of August 2019. The new invention was targeted towards the improved action and form of the new product.

 Z3 portable SSD

When the improved edition is used, there is an obvious improvement in its firmware and hardware. Also the limitations experienced as a result of the boundaries attached to the degree at which data is transferred under a precise range of 563MB/s has been exceeded.

The currently released edition of Z3 portable SSD functions better than other products that was produced with a similar pattern containing the SATA-SSD fixed in them.


Also, the currently improved version of Z3 came in the exact rare symbol of Kingspec’s products without a change in their motto “My Life Space” based on their form.  


The currently invented Z3 portable SSD has a high aptitude that reaches 2TB and a high degree of transfer as it is made up of components of KingSpec swift storage space expertise and the initial USB3.1 border.


In general, the configuration of Z3 portable SSD can be said to be uncomplicated, inclusive and usual with its sinuous silvery shade as it was made to function with so much simplicity and could be operated with ease.


This innovation comes with four theme shades; arctic blue, geek black, lapis lazuli blue and modern red.


The variation in their color permits the satisfaction of the buyers based on their quest and also reveals the vivacity of the product.

Z3 portable SSD 

This device with large storage space was made to meet the raise in demand for devices with swift transmission capacity and extra storage space for users to manage their records.

The device Z3 portable SSD weighs about 35g and its degree of thickness is 8mm which makes it as handy as a credit card with a feel of comfort.


It has a uv anti-wear shield on its front side that protect it from scratches and drops during use and when kept in the bag or pocket.

Z3 portable SSD

Device comes with the benefit of it been easily connected to game consoles, smart phones, PC and can be used in multiple operations due to its large storage capability. It also works in synchronization with other devices operating systems that are available for sale such as android, macOS, windows, linux etc.


Due to its large storage space and swiftness, all information stored on it is always available for access at every point.

Z3 portable SSD 

Usually the device can be of use even after exceeding the 1.5-meter check in line with the security of the entire metallic sheath. As a result of its broad safety composition, all buyers are entitled to a three year service contract.   

Z3 portable SSD 

Device specification;

1. Product name: Z3, Z3plus

2. Interface protocol: USB3.1Gen1

3. Capacity options: 120GB/240GB/480GB/960GB

4. Highest transmission speed: 550Mb/s

5. Accessories: Type-C to Type-A adapter

6. Product Type: Portable SSD

7. Years of Warranty: 3 years


1. 81mm×41.7mm×8.7mm(Z3)

2. 116mmx41.7mm*7.7mm (Z3 plus)

3. Operating system support: Windows/Linux/Mac


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