KingSpec Group, globally acclaimed storage brand, presents an extensive lineup of high-performance, consumer-grade storage products for customers worldwide. KingSpec storage solutions feature comprehensive interfaces, diverse capacities, and compatibility with the latest devices in different field applications.

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OneBoom, a subsidiary brand of KingSpec Group, is dedicated to providing gaming storage products for global gaming enthusiasts, which offers gaming storage products that epitomize superior aesthetics, enhanced speed, expanded capacity, and unparalleled stability. OneBoom's mission is to provide top-tier performance gaming solutions to passionate gamers.

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MemoStone is a new innovative brand under the KingSpec Group, committed to offering portable storage solutions to global users. The primary mission is to provide customers with portable storage solutions characterized by high speed, lightness, compactness, portability, and data privacy. MemoStone aims to provide the most suitable portable storage solutions for users from various professions.

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Christmas Gift Guide by KingSpec

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Get ready for a holiday adventure as we guide you through the joys of gift-giving with KingSpec's tech treasures. Let's discover the ideal gift that blends cool looks with practicality.

XG7000- Great Christmas Gift Option for Gamer

XG7000, featuring PCIe 4.0 for lightning-fast read/write speeds of up to 7400/6600MB/s, ensuring unparalleled speed and responsiveness. With optimized heat dissipation, it guarantees sustained performance during intense gaming. Ranging from 512GB to 4TB, the XG7000 offers ample space, stability, reliability, and cost-efficiency. Whether for PS5, esports laptops, or desktop gaming, the XG7000 is the ultimate choice—ideal for surprising gaming enthusiasts with a tech-powered Christmas gift that captures the spirit of the gaming season.


Practical Xmas Gift for Photographer

Capture and cherish the magic of your Christmas moments with the KingSpec CFexpress Type B (CFB) memory card, the perfect companion for preserving festive memories. Boasting a generous storage capacity of up to 4TB, this card ensures ample space to store all the joyous moments of the season.

With lightning-fast read speeds of up to 1900MB/s and write speeds of 1750MB/s, the KingSpec CFB card guarantees smooth and uninterrupted performance, allowing you to capture every nuance of your holiday celebrations with precision.

Compatible with popular cameras like Nikon Z9, Z 7II, Z 6II, Z7, Canon EOS 1DX MKIII, EOS R5, EOS R5 C, and Panasonic LUMIX GH6/LUMIX DC-S1R, this memory card becomes an essential tool for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike, ensuring that your Christmas memories are stored securely and vividly.

This holiday season, gift yourself or your loved ones the power to encapsulate the spirit of Christmas with the KingSpec CFexpress Type B (CFB) memory card. From festive gatherings to heartwarming moments, let every memory be stored with clarity and preserved for years.


KingSpec's Christmas Gifts for Every Soul

KingSpec Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a global storage and memory solutions provider since 2007. We extend warm wishes for joy, peace, and prosperity this Christmas. Join us in injecting each present with the magic of innovation, elegance, and practicality. May you feel the heartfelt intentions of the gift-giver when you unwrap the gift. At KingSpec, we're not just about celebrating Christmas but about creating cherished memories that last a lifetime. We wish you a merry Christmas filled with love and laughter!


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