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In a groundbreaking advancement in-memory technology, KingSpec is delighted to unveil the DDR4 RGB-Silver X, boasting a remarkable frequency of up to 3600MHz and a spacious capacity of up to 32GB. The Silver X seamlessly merges a sophisticated silver design with robust features, promising to enhance your computing experience to unprecedented levels.


Silver Heat Dissipation Vest

Silver X with an eye-catching silver heat dissipation vest, this isn't just a visual upgrade but a testament to its robust and enduring qualities. The striking silver design goes beyond aesthetics, significantly enhancing cooling efficiency to promote an extended product lifespan. This futuristic and technological aesthetic not only sets a new standard in design but also ensures optimal performance for your system. Elevate your computing experience with the DDR4 RGB-Silver X, where style seamlessly meets durability and functionality.

Effortless Overclocking with XMP 2.0

XMP2.0 does not require manual adjustments in the BIOS. Automatic overclocking up to 3600MHz provides an effortless speed boost, bidding farewell to stuttering and latency issues in gaming.

Compatibility Across Major Platforms

Designed to cater to a broad audience, Silver X is compatible with mainstream motherboards such as Gigabyte H110M-S2, Gigabyte B150M-EVO, Gigabyte H410M DSV2, ASUS H110M-F, MSI H510, H610, Z490, etc. This ensures seamless integration into various systems, providing versatility and flexibility for users across different platforms.

RGB Fantasy Lighting

Immerse yourself in a captivating visual experience with RGB fantasy lighting. Customizable through major motherboard manufacturers' software, the DDR4 RGB-Silver X lets users personalize their lighting effects, adding a touch of aesthetic flair to their computing setup.

More Information about DDR4 RGB-Silver X

Please visit our official website for more information about the DDR4 RGB-Silver X. Embrace the future of technology with KingSpec!


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