Do You Really Need A SSD for Playing Games

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There are numerous benefits you will surely experience whenever you choose SSDs for your gaming computer instead of an HDD. In this article, we are going to cover these concepts and help you make your decision wisely.


Adding an SSD to your gaming isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

Have you ever been stuck looking at a spinning icon while you’re waiting for your game to load? How about annoying stuttering while Windows is doing some unknown task in the background? If you’re using an older machine or a laptop with a mechanical hard drive, you are giving up a LOT of performance. With the price of SSD’s falling year after year, there is no better time to supercharge your machine with a mega fast Solid State Disk.

For many users, SSD’s are taken for granted. Most pre built PC’s including our own range come with SSD’s. What if you’re running an older system though? Adding a GPU to something like a Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge system is still a viable gaming upgrade, yet the chances are a lot of these older systems are saddled with mechanical hard drives. Adding an SSD will transform its performance. Whether it’s gaming, multi-tasking, creating content or anything else you care to name, an SSD will benefit you.

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Benefits of SSDs For Gamers

1. SSD will use less CPU power

Yes, having an SSD inside your computer will drastically reduce the CPU power requirements. SSDs are more efficient as compared to HDDs. So, your system will be able to run other important things properly.

SSDs will keep your CPU free of unnecessary processing whenever a task completes. As compared to HDDs, an SSD will help your system to process faster because it can easily store and read the information required for any job.

2. SSDs are becoming cheaper

As computer technology is growing, SSDs are becoming cheaper day by day. You can easily get a brand new 500 GB SSD from popular brands like Samsung and Crucial within 60 to 80 Dollars. For most gamers, 500 GB storage is enough and that’s really good news for you.

3. SSDs will help to load your OS and games faster

This is an undeniable fact that an SSD will help your system to load up quickly. You normally see a 50% decrease in the loading time inside Windows systems. However, various users have found many effective results. In fact, if you have a good amount of RAM along with a fast processor, your system can load up within 5 to 10 seconds.

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You’ll gain more than just gaming performance

While you’re gaming your drive isn’t just dealing with the game itself. Windows constantly reads and writes to disk which can really burden a mechanical disk, exacerbating the problems described above. Hard drives are relatively terrible at multitasking and in some cases can essentially grind to a halt while the heads are scrambling all over the drive’s platters. SSDs simply shine when multi-tasking, something a hard drive can never compete with. It’s just another way that adding an SSD to your gaming system or laptop adds tangible performance, beyond that of any HDD which keeps your attention on your game and not your system.

With all this talk of performance, don’t forget that SSD’s use less power and tend to be more durable than hard drives as they have no moving parts. One of the examples of an SSD’s durability comes in the form of a type of endurance rating called MTBF, or mean time between failures. 


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