Introduction To The Principle Of Solid State Drive Master Control

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The three most important components of SSD are the main control, 3D NAND flash memory particle model, and firmware. 3D NAND flash memory is responsible for important storage tasks. The controller and firmware need to cooperate to complete complex and equally important tasks, that is, managing data storage, maintaining SSD performance and service life, etc.

Firmware is software stored in the main control, not physical hardware. The main control is a microprocessor and a CPU, which is responsible for starting and running the solidified software to execute various instructions and manage algorithms such as scheduling, reading and writing, and data deletion.


What is the main control

The controller is an embedded microchip whose function is like a cpu command center, which sends out all operation requests of firmware algorithms, from actually reading and writing data to executing garbage collection and wear leveling algorithms, etc., to ensure the speed and cleanliness of the SSD. Therefore, the master control is the brain center of SSD.

The SSD main control is essentially a microprocessor with CPU-level computing capabilities. The solid state drive is an electronic integrated board that combines the main control chip, flash memory particles, cache units, and firmware. Among these three items, the flash memory particles have the highest cost, and the master controller has the best technical content and core technology.

At present, the computing power of the SSD master chip is determined by the manufacturing process, the size of the core area (the number of transistors), the number of cores, and the frequency.


The specific role of the master

Each SSD has a controller to connect the storage unit to the computer. The main controller can operate multiple FLASH particles in parallel through several channels, similar to RAID0, which greatly improves the underlying bandwidth. The main control is an embedded processor that executes firmware code. The main functions are as follows:

ü Schedule the data load on each flash memory chip, so that all flash memory particles can work normally under a certain load, and coordinate and maintain the collaboration of different block particles.

ü Undertaking the entire data transfer, connecting the flash memory chip and the external SATA interface.

ü Start and run the firmware algorithm, and urge the firmware to complete various internal commands.


How to identify the main control chip

Remove the SSD, check the circuit board, and find the main control chip. Shape feature: find the square chip, which is the main control, with the model number on it.


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