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Everyone should know that when you see the title, we are going to talk about the topic related to solid-state hard drives. As the software gets bigger and bigger, the definition of photos and videos is getting higher and higher, often more than ten gigabytes. The current standard 256G hard disk of the thin and light model seems to be just so so.

So today, let’s talk to you about what needs to be paid attention to when purchasing a notebook.

Everyone knows that the main advantage of solid-state hard drives over mechanical hard drives is speed. But as long as it is solid? of course not! 


1. The gap between different solid state drives may be larger than the gap between solid state drives and mechanical hard drives.

Let's first take a look at the solid-state drive parameters that dazzle everyone:

What does SATA M.2 PCIE AHCI NVME mean?

This is a desktop motherboard. The shape of the notebook motherboard is different, but the reason is similar. Everyone knows that the hard disk needs to be connected to the motherboard. There are currently two mainstream interfaces, one is called SATA and the other is called M.2.

To make it easier for everyone to understand, let me make an analogy. We can imagine them as two doors.

The SATA gate is relatively small, and the M.2 gate is relatively large. Data in the hard disk must pass through this gate.


But obviously it is not the purpose of entering the door. The ultimate purpose of the data in the computer is to reach the CPU and let the CPU process it. Then the CPU can be understood as the place we are going to go after entering the door, which is the destination. If you want to get to your destination, you have to have a way. At this time, the motherboard provides a path called a bus, or it can also be called a channel, or two, one is called SATA, and also called SATA, and the other is called PCI-E. The SATA road can be understood as a relatively bad or narrow road, and the PCI-E road can be understood as a better and wider road.

Entering from the SATA door, you can only take the SATA road, and from the M.2 door, you can take the SATA road or the PCI-E road.


2. The advantage of a large hard disk is not just the amount of data installed.

Solid-state hard drives, the larger the capacity, the faster the speed. Let’s take a look, this is the same model of 250G and 500G solid-state drives sold by the same vendor. The read speed is the same, but the write speed is 50% different. Why is this so? In fact, the information on the solid state drive is stored on the chip. The larger the capacity, the more chips are needed. Assuming that there are 4 for 250G and 8 for 500G, then when writing, 250G is written to 4 at the same time. A chip, 500G can write 8 chips at the same time, then the speed is definitely faster. Of course, it is impossible to double, but it will be a lot faster.


3. In fact, the configuration of thin and light notebooks is almost the same. It may make more sense to spend money on hard drive upgrades.

I believe that when you buy a thin and light notebook, you will often have such confusion. When you look at the configuration, the all i5-8250U/8G memory/256G hard disk, there is a discrete graphics card, that is, the MX150, everyone is the same, how should I choose? And why can the price of the same configuration be sold from more than 4,000 to more than 10,000?

Buying a thin and light book, the extra money is actually spent on improving the quality, but if you are a practical school and want to improve the performance, you really don’t have it. Combining the two points we mentioned earlier, it seems that upgrading the hard drive may be the best choice for the practical school. On the contrary, this is a place that can significantly improve your experience.


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