How to Install an mSATA SSD in a Desktop?

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So, the day has finally come when you are going to install a major upgrade in your existing system. Installing the mSATA SSD will be a huge upgrade for many systems, especially the ones that don't currently have an SSD. As it is an expensive component, being a little care is essential, so in this guide, you will learn all the dos and don'ts of installing your SSD yourself.

How to Install an mSATA SSD on a Desktop? A Comprehensive Guide

Here is your complete guide to installing the SSD in your desktop system

 mSATA SSD MT Series

1. Shut down your PC, and Prepare it for installation

Start with preparing the environment by making sure that it is static-safe. Remove any papers or plastic bags from the place and shut down the PC. Unplug its power supply cable and hold the power button to discharge any residual electricity.

Now you may begin removing the casing of your PC from one side by following the user manual. You are not done yet with the preparation, so wear the ESD strap on your wrist and touch any unpainted surface of the case or motherboard so that you don't damage the SSD from static.

2. Locate the socket on your motherboard using the user manual

Next, you will start working on the motherboard. Most motherboards will either have the mSATA slot under the ram section or beside it. However, you cannot say anything about your specific motherboard model unless you know. The best way of knowing is by checking the user manual. So, locate the socket and see if it is empty or occupied.

Usually, it is free, but sometimes it may be occupied with another card you need to remove. You may easily remove it by removing the single screw holding it in its place. Lift the card from the back and pull it out softly, so you don't damage the socket or the card.

3. Insert the Solid-State Drive in the correct way

If the socket seems dusty, you can blow the dust out to ensure a good connection with the SSD. Once you are ready to install the SSD, locate the slits on the connector end and the socket and align both together. Softly insert the SSD at an angle and then push it down gently.

While doing this step, ensure you never touch the connection points on the SSD, as that may get them dirty, affecting the connection.

 mSATA SSD MT Series

4. Install screws and cover (if any)

Lastly, you need to hold the SSD down on the screw hole and install the screw to keep it in its place. Some motherboards have special covers that go over the SSD and RAM sections. Install them as they often help with heat dissipation.


You may use an mSATA SSD to install the operating system, usually available with up to 2 TB of storage.  With higher operating temperature ranges and better read and write speeds, this SSD can improve your system's performance.


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