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How to keep your PlayStation 5 cool

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PlayStation 5 (PS5) is one of the popular gaming console in the gaming world. With its powerful processing power and high-quality gaming experience, PS5 has become the first choice in the minds of many players. However, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of this high-performance gaming console, it is crucial to maintain its good heat dissipation state. Here are some effective methods to help you keep the PS5 cool, ensuring the best gaming experience and extending the console’s lifespan.


Reasonable selection of placement location

The placement of PS5 has a direct impact on its heat dissipation performance. To ensure good air circulation, at least 2-3 inches (approximately 5-7.5 centimeters) of space should be left around PS5. Avoid placing PS5 in enclosed spaces, such as compartments in cabinets or bookshelves, as this can restrict air circulation and increase the temperature of the host. At the same time, PS5 should be avoided from being placed in direct sunlight or near other heat sources to prevent additional heat accumulation.

Regular cleaning

Dust accumulation can block the ventilation openings of PS5, reducing heat dissipation efficiency. Therefore, regularly using a soft bristled brush or compressed air to gently clean the ventilation openings of the host can help maintain smooth air circulation. In addition, depending on the usage environment, it may be necessary to disassemble the host and clean the internal dust every few months. If you are not familiar with the disassembly process, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance to avoid damaging the host.

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Using external cooling equipment

There are various external cooling accessories specifically designed for the PS5 available on the market, such as cooling bases and external fans. These devices can provide additional air flow to help lower the temperature of the host. Choosing a cooling device that is suitable for your host's placement and gaming habits can effectively improve heat dissipation performance.

Adjusting system settings

By adjusting the system settings of PS5, its heat generation can also be controlled to a certain extent. For example, the host can be set to automatically enter sleep mode when inactive, thereby reducing energy consumption and heat generation. In addition, reducing the frame rate limit in graphics settings or selecting performance first mode can also reduce processor load without sacrificing too much gaming experience.

Using SSD with the Heatsink

For users looking to expand their PS5 storage, installing an SSD with the heatsink can be a beneficial option. For instance, the KingSpec XG7000 Pro is an SSD equipped with a heatsink that facilitates more efficient heat dissipation, helping the SSD maintain optimal operating temperatures. This not only enhances data read/write speeds but also prolongs the SSD's lifespan. Choosing an SSD with a heatsink that is compatible with the PS5 and easy to install is one effective method to enhance gaming experiences and system stability.

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Monitoring game time

Long term continuous use of PS5 can lead to an increase in heat generation of the host. Reasonably arranging game time and giving the console a certain amount of cooling time in a timely manner can avoid excessive overheating. Arranging brief breaks between long game meetings is not only beneficial for the host's heat dissipation, but also for the player's health.


Maintaining good heat dissipation is the key to ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of the PS5, and simple daily maintenance can bring long-term stability and performance assurance. If you don't know how to do it, why not take the advice we provide?


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