Mini-SATA SSD: The Ideal Storage Drive For Small Devices

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By now, you probably have heard about the solid-state drives (SSDs) as the fast storage drive that increases the speed of computers and gives reliable uptime.


SSDs are more reliable and have a longer lifespan than their hard disk drive (HDD) counterpart.


Serial Advanced Technological Attachment (SATA) is a common interface that is used in both SSDs and HDDs.


The mini-SATA (mSATA) SSD is a storage drive that uses the SATA interface, possesses a small form factor, and fits modern devices.


The mSATA SSD is a reliable storage device that can withstand rugged operating conditions, and have low power consumption.


SATA is a commonly used interface that is standardized by the SATA organization, thereby, making mSATA SSDs compatible with various device designs.


The popularity of mSATA SSD has increased drastically over the years, all thanks to the increase in demand for small devices.


Seeking a small form factor storage device? The right answer for you is the mSATA SSD because it’s the smallest available form of the SATA interface.


The Basics of mSATA

Just like all SATA interfaces, mSATA are designed to adhere to the specification set by the SATA International Organization.


The specifications for mSATA was released in 2011 to make SATA technology viable in diverse applications.


This specification ensures that all mSATA SSDs work the same regardless of the manufacturer, allowing the effective transfer of data between the storage system and the host system.


The new mSATA SSDs use the SATA III interface.


The Reliability of mSATA SSD

The most important factor in most industrial application is the reliability of the storage drive in which HDD lacks.


The mSATA SSDs are the preferred storage drive over the HDDs because they do not have moving parts, making them resistant to vibration, shock, or extreme temperature.


The reliability property of the mSATA SSD implies that they can deal with the types of important data industrial application require for storage.


Small Form Factor

The increase in demand for small size devices gives rise to an increase in demand for storage security and capacity at the same time.


That is where mSATA comes in; the size of mSATA SSDs are 50.95mm in length and 30mm in width. They can also come in half sizes.


Talking about the size of mSATA SSDs, they have the size of a business card and are thin, making them suitable for space-constrained devices.


Despite the size, an mSATA SSD supports a bandwidth of 6Gbps, thereby giving the needed speed that is required for industrial systems.


Mini-SATA SSD consumes low power and can resist a high level of vibration and shock. Their ability to boot and shut down is of high speed.


The capacity of mSATA SSDs are available in various ranges, so you get to find the perfect one for your application’s needs.


The Industrial Grade Flash of mSATA SSDs

Designing an industrial-grade SSD is of high importance to designers of industrial devices.


The standard for an industrial mSATA SSD is having the Single-Level Cell (SLC) flash memory – stores one bit of data per cell.


This type of flash memory works speedily and is most reliable.


Therefore, they are suitable for an industrial operating condition with a high amount of vibration, extreme temperature, shock, etc.


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