New Product Coming: NA900S DATASHEET NVMe SSD

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Running out of computer storage is very common these days and solid-state drives (SSDs) are the key to solving this problem. SSDs solve these problems through their numerous advantages such as durability, high speed, portability, and more.


Storing large volumes of data such as games, applications, videos, and other files do take a lot of space and can as well slow down the computer system.


Slow loading of applications or movies, slow startups, and more, are the glitches you may face when a computer starts to age or does not have enough memory. As soon as you start experiencing this problem, that shows it is time to step up your computer storage with the use of an SSD.


"At present, MacBook is very costly and the 14-year  MacBook I have with me does not have any big problem except that it doesn't have enough storage memory", a colleague complained to me.


My response was "why not purchase a Macbook again as it will provide enough storage memory for you". He then said, "the financial plan is too high, but what do you think I can do if there isn't sufficient memory?”.


And then, I told him the best solution, which is replacing or adding a solid-state drive (SSD) to his MacBook. With this, he will feel like he just changed his computer into a brand new one.


The operational speed of booting, running, saving, switching, shutting down, and more, will increase drastically, twice as fast as the former operation mode of the computer system.


A 128GB of space is merely enough to play a drama or an American movie not to mention the day-to-day installation of few applications, photos, and software, the storage capacity will be full in no time.


Thus, this colleague has now upgraded his MacBook with a NA900S DATASHEET NVMe SSD, rejuvenating the computer system straight away.


You can also learn about our new products from the following points:

Appearance Style:



Performance Rate:

NA900S DATASHEET NVMe SSD Performance Rate 

Product Overview:

Product Overview 



NVME for Macbook SSD breakdown:

NVME for Macbook SSD breakdown


If the financial plan is quite sufficient, you can choose to pay no heed to the above and purchase a brand new computer. But in a situation where the financial plan is not sufficient, you can take into consideration by paying thousands of yuan to update to a solid-state drive first. The impact of doing so will amaze you.


And that is because they give off less heat during usage, make no noise, are resistant to vibration, low power consumption, are durable, etc.


Upgrading your computer system with a solid-state drive will give you a swift response during usage.


It gets to reveal to you the benefits it possesses when you launch programs, open large documents and files, load apps and games, or carry out heavy tasks on your PC.


If you are considering upgrading your computer system, be it MacBook, Desktop, Apple, or others, the NA900S DATASHEET NVMe SSD is the right solid-state drive for you.


You can contact KingSpec to check out and purchase a high-quality SSD at an affordable price.


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