Super September& KingSpec Live Broadcast New Attempts and Achieved Good Sales Results

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As days flip by, situations in the marketplace seem tougher and tougher, and only the brave, strong and passionate are the only survivors.


The major reason for such a high level of competition, and strive in the marketplace is in part due to the need for each manufacturer to meet their customers’ need per time.


For this reason, each manufacturer always device strategies to help them live up to the expectations of their clients, and this may be in the form of some promo sales by the company.


In this regard, Kingspec collaborated with Alibaba to execute a month-long sales exhibition known as the “September Promotion” or “Super September” event, via the live broadcast method.

Super September& KingSpec Live Broadcast New Attempts and Achieved Good Sales Results 

As we are aware, of late, the e-commerce business has observed a sudden increase in live broadcasting, and this is in part due to the emergence of the global pandemic.


A lot of hosts, manufacturers, and celebrities utilizes live broadcast technology on internet platforms to deliver services and products display and shopping guide, consultations and replies, etc.


Just before the advent of the Super September, all Kingspec workers were enthusiastic, so they strived day and night, giving their best to achieve the objective of the event, which was basically to create a cordial environment for customers to purchase more of our high-quality products with less amount of money.


During the promotion period, we conducted live shows in separate time intervals for Portable SSDs, DDR RAMs, SSDs, and other accessories.

Super September& KingSpec Live Broadcast New Attempts and Achieved Good Sales Results 

Super September& KingSpec Live Broadcast New Attempts and Achieved Good Sales Results 

Kingspec is a professional manufacturer of various forms of drives such as the M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD, mSATA SSD, 2.5 inch SSD, and more. Ensure to patronize us for quality and cost-effective products.

 Super September& KingSpec Live Broadcast New Attempts and Achieved Good Sales Results

Encountering and Overcoming Challenges

This Super September event was grounded on “immense gains” which precisely patronage and profitability of all products.


From the time when the event has been launched, good news has recurrently circulated, and this has been progressing in all angles and areas of our sales.


Ever since the epidemic outbreak in 2020, owing to the restrictions of long-established models and the effect of various factors, several businesses are slightly considering transformation.


Since the crisis has emerged, we have to be strong in other to tackle what has occurred without disrupting ideas.


Right after the pandemic, we have tried to explore new ways of reaching out to our teeming clients all over the world.


One of the ways we see to be feasible enough to achieve this feat is through a live broadcast platform with Alibaba, and this basically involves presenting products online, replying to questions online, viewing the factory live online, and more.


We gave clienteles a new shopping experience and at the same time, we are letting them understand the excellence of Kingspec and the quality of our products.


In this event, our overall sales increased three folds annually and graded first in the corporate PK army prearranged by Alibaba.


Utilizing Every Situation: The Future Awaits

Businesses need to keep their pace with the development or trend, utilize it, and take advantage of the opportunities for transformation and innovation.


Talking about storage, Kingspec persists in introducing new products and trying diverse innovations.


This crusade was effective, and every coworker of Kingspec meticulously breach the limit.


Every single department – operation, production, and sales, ensure they spare no effort in the participation.


From product advancement to execution of sales targets, we are committed to achieving the corporate objective of attracting the world with our superior quality products.


In the forthcoming years, Kingspec will keep presenting innovations in the post-storage epoch and now is the beginning.


Among our core products at Kingspec is the design and manufacture of M.2 PCIe SSD, 2.5 inch SSD, mSATA SSD, DDR RAM, Portable SSD, and other accessories.


Kindly contact us for a top-quality storage drive and be assured of getting the best product.


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