Notice: KingSpec Spring Festival Holiday Has Been Set

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While we are glad to witness yet another business year, 2021, we strongly trust that it is going to be a great and amazing year for both our company as well as our esteemed customers.


We want to use this medium to wish all our faithful customers and prospective customers a happy new year 2021.


Although what we can do now is hope that our company and our customers have gained unique experience and wealth in this year. And we are fully prepared for the future to ensure that we only provide the best quality M.2 NVMe PCle SSD, 2.5 inch SSD, mSATA SSD and other products to our customers around the world.


However, before we open up with full force for all our manufacturing and consultation services, we are taking this few moments to retreat and recuperate for the task ahead of us.


For this reason, the management of the company has deemed it fit that all arms of the company should proceed on a 12-day break in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The planned holiday as proposed by the company shall start on February 7th, 2021 through February 8th, 2021.

 Notice: KingSpec Spring Festival Holiday Has Been Set

However, due to the upcoming holiday, which the company has planned for her staff, the company has also made concrete production arrangements to cater for the needs of our esteemed before, within and after the period of holiday.


From the above arrangement made by the company, the order date for any of our high-quality M.2 NVMe PCle SSD will run between now the January 20th, 2020. Within this time, any order placed by any of our clients will be delivered to their destination before we proceed for the Chinese New Year holiday.


In the same vein, order received from any of our clients after January 20th, 2021, the product for such order will be delivered after February 20th, 2021. Also, during this period we also have some special packages on the shipping of all our products. For instance, the best order time is between January 15th – January 20th, 2021.


The suspension of all delivery, will take effect between January 20th, 2021 through February 20th, 2021. Finally, we shall restart the delivery of all our products to our esteemed customers from February 20th, 2021. Nevertheless, we are sure of the inconveniences and negative impacts all these arrangements will have on all our customers, and we sincerely apologize for this.


However, all these arrangements are to enable us to have a conducive environment to design and manufacture only but the best SSDs for all our customers this year and beyond. Once again, we are wishing all our customers and staff a happy and prosperous new year.


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