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As the day flips over, we are constantly working hard to ensure that we deliver the best storage device to our esteemed customers all around the world.


For this reason, our highly innovative team have brought out yet another sophisticated P5E PRO SSD  - KingSpec 2.5 inch P5E PRO SSD to complement other types of SSD devices, which we also produce for our customer


The brand-new KingSpec P5E PRO series is designed and manufactured using high-quality Flash particles, which have Huirong SM2258H main control chip and 3D TLC NAND, with a total storage capacity of about 4TB. Sure, this is an incredible storage capacity for you.


Performance Testing

In the CrystalDiskMark test, the P5E PRO series achieved 3500+MB/s continuous reading and 3200+MB/s continuous writing. With this. you can tell that the performance of the new NVMe PRO series is very powerful.

Performance Testing 

Similarly, in the AS SSD Benchmark test, "P5E PRO" in the 1GB file test, 4K random read and write, 723K+ iops, 656K+ iops.

Performance Testing 

Product Features

1. Highly Stable and Reliable Storage Device

The newly upgraded P5E PRO has super compatibility for Taipower and notebook computers. The 2.5-inch SATA P5E PRO SSD has high-speed performance and reliable compatibility with various computer operating systems.


2. Fast Reading and Writing Rate

The fast continuous reading and writing rate makes you more efficient and more comfortable under busy work. The continuous reading of P5E PRO reached 560MB/s and the continuous writing reached 520MB/s.


3. Manufactured under Strict quality control

Our new KingSpec P5E PRO 2.5-inch SATA SSD is manufactured in line with KingSpec's strict quality control guarantee. Flash uses 3D TLC high-quality flash memory particles, which have high density and large capacity, fast writing speed, and a high level of reliability.


4. High Stability improvement

The new P5E PRO SSD is also manufactured to safely store and render 4K video and 3D data used by applications, up to 5 times compared with previous mechanical hard drives. Most outstandingly, the P5E PRO SSD has a 3-year limited warranty.


5. Independent cache, efficient operation

P5E PRO is equipped with a 1:1000 independent DRAM cache, which can maintain high IOPS and low latency. With this, the data server can continue to maintain excellent performance even when carrying out various read/write tasks.


In Summary

Our new KingSpec P5E PRO SSD being a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, the P5E PRO has a large capacity of 4TB. In terms of reading and write speed, whether it is continuous or random read and write, it performs better than ordinary models in all aspects.


In addition, our new P5E PRO SSDs can meet the needs of performance users such as enterprise/home/personal network storage servers, online game players DIY installation players, video creators and graphic designers.


Sure, this is a new and improved storage device with so much convenience and reliability in use, especially when working with large files or multi-tasking various applications.


Partner with us for our new P5E PRO SSD

Our commitment to quality with a high sense of innovation makes us be a favourite manufacturer of various SSD storage devices for our teeming customers all over the world. With our latest P5E PRO SSD, it is a sure bet that all your storage needs with fast reading and writing speed is covered.


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