Our First Kingspec's Fun Games Ended With A Huge Success

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While we work so hard to ensure that we deliver the best M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD to our teeming clients per time, we are also conscious of building and maintaining a high level of interpersonal relationship within our team of staff.


With this, we are pretty sure that achieving our collective goals and staying ahead of our game as team will be a breeze.


For this reason, the company organized some fun game retreat for different categories of staff within the establishment.


On December 5, 2020, the first KingSpec Fun Games was held in Tangxia, Dongguan! with the theme "Challenge Work with Passion, Arm Youth with Health"

the first KingSpec Fun Games was held in Tangxia, Dongguan 

During the fun games adventure, the production base and the office headquarters were divided into four teams with a total of more than 100 people participating in the games. With the fun game adventure for all staff, it is expected that it will serve as an avenue to show the good mental outlook and vigor and promote collective teamwork of all employees.


In addition to the above, it is also expected that such events will help to harmonize our staff with each other, enrich employees' amateur cultural life, and ultimately to enhance employees' physical fitness and cohesion.


Our company invested and organized this sports meeting to further promote the physical fitness of all employees, fight the ravaging global pandemic, as well as enhancing employees' health awareness.

fun tug of war 

fun tug of war 

During the fun games, there were so many memorable moments between the participating staff of the company, and the loud voices, the beautiful atmosphere, and the sufficient logistical support added more fun to the event, and won numerous praises for the company’s magnanimity.

Throughout the whole period of the fun games exhibition, the whole games were fun-filled, entertaining, collaborative, and highly competitive.

bend mountain roads 

bend mountain roads 

Among the list of event during the outing were fun tug of war, cycling slow riding, bend mountain roads, and friendly basketball games.

However, before the beginning of each game, each participating team conducted a small group training to of the team members.


This, was done in order to strengthen the team and also to actively communicate the winning secrets and strategies of the team to each member.

cycling slow riding 

cycling slow riding 

During the competition, everyone raced against time, worked hard to win the prize, and the competition was extremely fierce and highly competitive.


The sporting spirit of KingSpec staff showed that we are a company that is built around individuals who are high-spirited, hard-working and promising.

basketball games

basketball games
This and more was evident in the loud cheering voices of each team members in order to boost the morale and increase the energy of their team for the prize.


Frankly speaking, throughout the fun games, a high sense of team spirit was observed among each team, especially as each team worked hard as a team without a room for individuality


Summarily, the successful hosting of the sports meeting did not only enrich the cultural life of employees, but also enhanced inter-departmental communication and friendship between employees.


Also, it was observed that the games further enhanced the cohesion of all employees in the hospital, and created a group-like atmosphere as a home.


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