Types of SSD for Industries You Should Know

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When looking for an ideal alternative of Hard drives for your computer systems (especially for industrial applications), the best decision you can make is to replace them with solid state drives (SSDs) for industries.

SSD for industries is a fast storage device which serves as a more reliable alternative compared to the convectional electromechanical Drives used in computer systems.

It is made up of a storage unit known as "NAND flash memory", a control unit and an interface.

However, if you are in need of SSD for personal use or most especially for Industrial application, you should know the different types of SSD in order to make the right choice.

In this article, we will walk you through some common types of SSDs available.

 SSD for industries

4 Common Types of SSD for industries

SSDs are usually classified based on the interface. Using this basis, the types of SSD available are:


This is the most common type of SSD. Elongated as "Serial ATA" SSD, it is used to communicate data with the computer system.

SATA SSD usually comes with a speed grade which shows the rate at which the drive can transfer data. Based on this, there are "SATA II"/ "SATA 3 Gbps" or "SATA III/SATA6 Gbps".

The need to transfer data at a higher speed makes SATA III a better alternative. It has a theoretical transfer speed of 6Gbps and an actual transfer speed of about 4.8Gbps.

2. M.2 SSD

This is a small circuit board which contains a flash memory and a controller chip. It is not as common as SATA SSD. Formerly, it was called NGFF (Next generation form factor).

M.2 SSDs are available in various sizes coded with four digits based on their width and length. The first two digits give the width while the other two digits represent the length of the SSD.

You may therefore come across M.2 Type-2280, M.2 Type-2260 and M.2 Type-2242. However, the most common size available in the market is M.2 Type-2280 having a width of 22mm and a length of 80mm.

3. PCle SSD

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCle) SSD is a solid state drive which is connected to a computer system via a PCle interface.

The use of PCle interface paves out a better way of increasing the speed of SSDs for both storage  and Server applications.

PCle interface is not only used in PCle SSD for high speed data transfer but also used for computer graphics cards, Wi-Fi as well as Ethernet hardware connections.


This SSD is designed with a NVM Express (NVMe) interface. It is basically applied for accessing Non-volatile storage media connected through PCle bus.

Relative to other SSDs, NVMe SSD offers certain advantages such as reduction in physical overheads, lower latency and higher efficiency.

 SSD for industries

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