What You Should Know About DDR RAM

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The advancement of technology makes it easy to use high-speed laptops for different purposes. In a computer, Random Access Memory is also known as RAM plays a key role in the speed of the computer.

There are different varieties of RAM in the market. The introduction of DDR RAM takes the speed of the computer to another level entirely. What does DDR stand for? Besides, is there anything special about this RAM? Well, we have answers and more information to your questions.

What does DDR RAM stand for?

The words DDR RAM stands for Double Data Rate Dynamic Random-Access Memory. It is an advanced version of Synchronous Dynamic Random-Access Memory. Some experts call it a double pump because of its speed.

The fascinating thing about this RAM is that it can transfer twice the data at an equal time. What makes it very fast? DDR transfers data using both the falling and the rising edges.


The Manufacture of DDR RAM

Samsung happens to be the first company that first created the prototype of DDR memory in 1997. In June of 1998, they launched the first commercial DDR SDRAM. Currently, we have DDR2 RAM, DDR3 RAM, and DDR4 RAM.


What Makes DDR RAM Different From SD RAM?

The architectural design of both DDR RAM and SDRAM is the same. The key difference between the two is that DDR RAM uses a clock signal to transfer the data. Since digital circuits are structured to work on the clock signal, it makes the data transfer faster and twice the equal time than SDRAM.


The Working Principles of DDR RAM

Let's briefly look at how this RAM is working. Generally, the speed of RAM works with the front side bus of the computer. The front side bus is simply a two-way data network that sends data from the CPU via the motherboard to different components such as PCI slots. RAM, hard drives, and BIO chips.

A system with a front side bus of 133MHz that runs DDR SDRAM will perform like a 266MHz system. This is twice the speed of the same RAM. Generally, DDR RAM is produced for processors of 1GHz and more.


Energy Efficiency of DDR RAM

The design of the RAM makes it easy to work with less energy consumption. It uses less power to transfer high-speed data from the system. It uses 1 – 3 volts to operate of voltage

Common Applications

Looking at the speed and efficiency of the RAM, devices that operate using less power consumption rate and high speed commonly use this RAM. Some of the gadgets are:

§ Handheld device

§ Mobile Phone

§ Digital audio player


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